Cuases and Effects of Global Warming on World Economy Paper

Published: 2021-09-13 09:45:08
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As one of the urgent issues of human existence during the coming 50 years, global warming has become a widespread concern among the world community. Global warming can be defined as the abnormal increase of the average temperature on the surface of the earth. According to statistics, average temperatures have been increased by 1. 4 degrees Fahrenheit (0. 8 degree Celsius) around the world since 1 880 (National Geographic News, 2007).
This easy will outline the causes and illustrate the effects on economies around the world with a series of evidence and data. To begin with, two main causes of the climate change will be outlined, which are leveled to be the result from natural phenomenon, and human activities. Some of the natural phenomenon, such as solar radiation and the cyclical change in the atmosphere of the earth, have significantly caused the climate change. Since the solar energy is the basic source of the earth climate system, it is believed that the sudden change of solar radiation output attributable to solar activities such as sunspot and solar storm, may affects global climate in a short period (Natural Causes of Global Warming, 2010). In another aspect, the position of the earth relative to the sun also varies slightly in the climate change.
To some extent, the periodic movement of the earth can increase the radiation receipt at high northern latitudes especially during the summer time, which is regarded as one of the causations of the going-up temperature (Easterlies and Karl, 2008). While the natural causes take a hand in heating up the earth, the impact of human activities is undoubtedly the major cause of climate change. With a concentration on the greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, it is primarily produced by fossil fuels combustion, deforestation and waste diapason. This type of gases is constantly trapping the heat from the sun in the atmosphere. Because of the industrialization, the level of carbon dioxide is 1 00 parts per million by volume compared to pre-industrialization, and is growing up at a rate of 1.
9 parts per million by volume every year (Easterlies and Karl, 2008). Assumed that there is no natural greenhouse effect, the average temperature of the earth should be under O degrees F instead of 57 degrees F now (ibid). Conceivably, the earth is continuously being heated up until it is no longer possible to jussive if no measure is taken. Many factors build up this human crisis, simultaneously, many consequences have been emerged by this crisis. With the focus on economy in the world, the climate change is the element being reckoned with in the following three fields: agriculture, the supply of energy and the cost of government.
Agriculture is an industry directly affected by climate change. This particular industry is sensitive to climatic conditions especially the rainfall and the distribution of temperature. Closely related to the climate system, these conditions influenced by climate change makes a great difference to agricultural productivity. Due to a sudden change of the amount of fresh water come from the rainfall, the yield of rice and cotton in Peru decreased by 9% than before in 1983 following the El Onions event that is caused by climate change the year before (Houghton, 2007). However, the major effect on agriculture is not the damage of the unusual climatic condition change, but the statements in agricultural structure.
Because of the movement of monsoon region and climate zones, different species change their the competitiveness within an ecosystem in order to suit the environment, which will lead to large change in the composition of ecosystem (ibid. ). As a result, the countries that are agriculture-based economy will change their economic structure and the proportion of import and export of goods. For developing countries with a weaker economic foundation, it is not only a chance but also a risk. Moreover, the climate change also has an effect on the energy supply.
The original energy sources used for production and living, such as wood and coal, release a great amount of greenhouse gases when it is being burnt, and inevitably cause the aggravation of the climate. In order to avoid this from continuing new energy sources are explored and start to being used. Known as a kind of clean-air energy, the nuclear energy has greater value than any minds of fossil fuels. This type of power could still produce electricity constantly with less fuel and less pollution to the air when the original combatant eroding the earth (Parker, 2009). With the development of energy technology, it is believed that the new energy which isles harmful to the earth Will make great contribution to humans.
Finally, the government plays an important role in protecting the climate. To prevent the climate from further change, every country has committed to environmental protection and invested a huge amount of money. From 1 990 to 2005, the government in each country with per capita GAP has invested ever 4600$ in reforestation in order to slow down climate change (Reuters, 2006). On the other hand, in Europe, the government gets economic benefits from the persevered forested land every year (ibid. ).
According to this data, perhaps it is a hard job for many poor countries, but it is necessary for human-beings. In conclusion, result from numerous factors, climate change has a wide range effect on many aspects especially the global economy. But all in all, it does more harm than good. For the sake of preventing the planet that belongs to human, all measures souls be taken to protect the earth.

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