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Published: 2021-09-11 16:10:10
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The first thing that is we are doing to the environment is destroying Our ozone layer. We are destroying the ozone layer by greenhouse gases. The way we treat our planet is going to affect our health and maybe even kill us because of the toxins and pollutants that we release into our environment. Certain types of pollutants that we release into the environment can cause us to have several complications with our health. The pesticides, mercury and carbon dioxide that we release into the environment cause so many health problems to use and our children.
Essay Example on Environment In Danger
It is not hard to see hat we are doing to our planet on a daily basis. There is so much research that shows how much even low level of air pollution affects our health. Carbon dioxide is what we breathe out of our lungs when exhaling. Carbon dioxide is released while we are driving our motor vehicles, using our lawn mowers, and etc. For the one gallon of gasoline that is used in our machines it causes 19. 4 of carbon dioxide to distribute into our environment. Trees absorb the carbon dioxide from the air but if the tree is cut down, burned, or dies then the carbon dioxide will not be absorbed up.
When a tree slowly rots then the carbon dioxide is slowly released back into the environment. The pesticides that are toxic to our health and our environment are chemical pesticides. The chemical pesticides that is more dangerous to be farmers, their family members, and other people who use the chemical pesticides. The pesticides are released into the air that we breathe in. The pesticides are left on the produce that they are sprayed on and then remain on the inside of the produce. The pesticides can be rinsed off, but they also can run off into brings, and large bodies of water.
In which the pesticides can contaminate our water supply. In the world today everyone is at risk for simple reason that we are destroying our planet. Our world is at a total disaster at how we treat it and take care of it. Individuals that live in the world are at risk form pollutants and toxins that are in the environment that we breathe on a daily basis. The cause so many health problems to use and our children. We need to take better care of our environment and worry about our health.

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