Data Models of Accounting Information Systems Paper

Published: 2021-09-10 02:55:09
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In Accounting Information Systems, the object is the economic entrepreneur and the information store which is needed in a structural way so the data may be consistent and integrated. Reality modeling of the components around the economic unit is very important for building an obedient system which stores the information ABA the economic unit. In the beginning of Accounting Information Systems modeling of the data was made by materializing the processes of the economic unit into process which the computer may process fast and with fewer errors than humans.
This model didn’t take into consideration the Truckee of traditional data of the discipline of accounting. They stored the model intact as it was described by Bacilli during “Renaissance”. The Conservatism really the half accounting profession. So the the change from a stable model and hashish’s appendicitis in use numeration millennium in a new model would not be easy accepted from the community unless the new model wasn’t clear enough and usable. The Traditional Model uses statements to prevent errors and repetitions in computing.
As the computers do the calculations very fast and without error there is no need for these statements. So the statements are just converted virtual views that contains the information processed and is viewed as man times as the user need. Beginning from the years 1975 until the beginning of 80 a number of change happened in the Celled of data modeling in general and in the modeling of data in Accounting Information Systems. AREA Model In 1979 William E. McCarthy on his thesis “An entity-Relationship View of Accounting Models” introduced a model which is now implemented in the most famous ASS and ERP. Etc. Importance can be given to the Clinician information system (e. G. ERP) which doesn’t eve anything from traditional system. The procedure which is recommended to be taken while building an ASS model is: His suppose was based on the postulate: “ASS may be naturally simulated on a relational database which contains real world entity and relations between these entities”. In his thesis he emphasized the need to not be focused on the model: “Transaction Table + Double Entry Principle” – which restraint the 3. . Identification of classified entities in Agents, Events and Resources. The building of an E-R diagram which will expose the meaning of these entities and relations between them. Definition of entities characteristics and of the relationships between them, classified by the demands of the different PDF Double Entry Principle” -? which restraint the information of the entrepreneur in only one as- sided by the demands Of the different level users. 423 Data Models of Accounting Information Systems AREA vs..
IAC Sigil Hexagram, Aimed Faith Errors 4. Organization of results from the preview- process as the only way of his enhancement. Us Steps in the tables and identification AREA presents the fundamental change in the of their unique characteristics (Keys). Tat modeling of ASS, so it presents ASS itself. AREA model is the base of all other models of Information Identity]action and protection in ASS and there have been a lot of his versions, this 1 . Model is done by following these steps: Event 2. Sources which are consumed or added by this event 3.
Internal Agents 4. External Agents for example: AREA-L which. Adds the entity: Locations to the AREA -model, The main rules are: 1. Every Event is connected to at least one Source from which it differ 2. Every Event is connected to at least one other Event. 3. Every Event is connected to at least two Double Entry Principle Consistency Agents (The economic duality principle). McCarthy is being thanked in a lot of books about ASS as the person who had the courage to think different from the others.
Double Entry Principle seems that it makes a lot of information redundancy, but in fact this doesn’t happen. This principle means that we have to register at the same time the taking or letting of a good or service with the corresponding balanced amount In money or credit of the taking or letting. There isn’t redundancy; these aren’t different actions but complementary ones. Figure 1: Process example A schematic presentation of the above rules for a process example. Basing on the AREA cycles model of ASS, they would be presented in this way.

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