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Published: 2021-09-10 12:20:09
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This essay will be an exploration of the causes of Victor Frankenstein’s downfall, and eventually his tragic fate, from the famous Mary Shelley novel ‘Frankenstein’. There are several aspects of this novel that I need consider when writing about this tragedy, for example the style that Mary Shelley uses when producing the novel and the old English format of writing. At a first glance of the novel I feel that Victor is solely to blame for his own tragic death, as he was the man who put together the creature who eventually killed him because of the lack of emotion Victor had shown towards his creation.
This novel deals with Victor Frankenstein’s love of modern science, which he uses to construct a monstrous creature. As victor first sights his creature, he is quickly to reject his unsightly appearance. The monster become increasingly frustrated with his creator (Victor), and ultimately begins to murder the friends and family closest and dearest to Victor Frankenstein. The creation begins to feel a tremendous hatred towards the human race because of there prejudice.
This hatred turns towards Victor’s younger brother ‘William’, as he captures and kills his brother in cold blood. The creature uses his knowledge gained from the De Lacey family to frame ‘Justine’ (a family servant of the Frankenstein family) for the murder of William. Soon after the murder Justine is hung for murder and the creature approaches Frankenstein and demands he creates another being to become his companion. At first Victor agrees to create the monster a companion, but at the last minute changes his mind and stopped creation the new being.
The De Laceys Frankenstein
This was the final straw for the creature, which showed his creator was truly against his him, and as a result the monster killed Victors only true love Elizabeth. And later Victor was to die of natural causes in his sleep; the creature and the creator were both burnt together, just as they were at the start of the novel, together. Mary Shelley wrote ‘Frankenstein’ in 1816, at a time when there was a tremendous advance in science and technology. These advances had wide spread affects on society.
New manufacturing techniques were developed, which affected cost of the traditional development of products. These developments in technology and science may have affected the thoughts that Mary Shelley has used in producing this novel, for example the technological advances were both exciting and frightening. Exciting because of the venture into the unknown, and the possibility of new discoveries. But on the other hand frightening as the true unknown is ahead of them. The Gothic and Science Fiction genre may have also been a factor, which has led to certain aspects of this book.
Gothic novels were very popular in the nineteenth century and ‘ Frankenstein ‘ was one of the first Science Fiction novels. Mary Shelley’s experiences of summer 1816 may have supported this gothic genre as during her stay in the Swiss Alps, she, and some of her friends began to entertain one another with ghost stories, and these stories were used to complete the plot for the novel ‘Frankenstein’. Science Fiction novels show the consequences of new discoveries, which have clearly been reflected in this novel.

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