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Published: 2021-08-31 10:25:13
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How important is your smile for humanity? how important is for a person to be able smiling? How important is for a person to have a beautiful smile and not be afraid to laugh? These questions struck me when I came across with an article about a smile in a dentist magazine.
Essay Example on Personal Statement Dentistry
That was a year before to finish my secondary school. After a long consideration about the role of the dentist in our live and bear in mind Mother Teresa`s phrase “I can not understand how such a simple thing as a smile can do so much better” I came to outlet that when you smile, you look better. When other people see you smiling, then they also smile, it is contagious.
When other people smiles, they don’t only look but also they feel better. The desire to become a person who can deliver a happiness, relive pain and make a big difference to the quality of life derive from the comprehension that the majority of my relatives have Hereditary Periodontal Diseases and there is no any dentist in our relation to take care of them. I feel like it`s my responsibility to help them also and all of that reasons trigged my enthusiasm to study dentistry.
During the summer holiday, driven from my intention, I start volunteer work as a dentist receptionist in a Pleven dental clinic in Bulgaria. I had the great opportunity to work 2 months with one of the best dental technicians and dental specialists in my town.
Working in a such environment boost my intension to pursuit a dental career, especially after a couple opportunities for observation of ceramic teeth modelling. Motivated to achieve my goal I finish my secondary school with excellence and my Chemistry and Biology was one of the highest marks. I was unable to start my degree in Bulgaria because of financial instability. I was disappointed but I didn`t give up.
I took the decision to come in UK, work for a while, to save some money and go back to start my degree. After a year hard work and long consideration about the enormous chances for development and the great environment for studying, especially the well-balanced dental program which provides fairly extensive professional training suggest teamwork and the opportunity to participate in research projects, I took the decision to shadow my dream in Great Britain. Perhaps studying dentistry is not an easy task when English is not your native language, but I don’t scary easily.
After 4 years living in UK and after a big effort to achieve best results and improve my English I fell more than ready to take the challenge and reach highlight in a such a demanding academic program and become a five stars specialist in the Periodontology. A part of my 2 weeks observation in 21 Dental Clinic-London where I had the occasion to shadow a dentist carrying more complex methods such as a root canal therapy, construction of bridges , crowns and veneers.
I arrange of doing another 2 weeks observation in Bulgaria this September. I also have no passion to visit the further Premier dental exhibition in London on 4-6 October and find out the latest innovative products, technologies and meet the top on-stand experts.
Through my work experience I had the chance to improve my communication skills with people from different variety of ages and social backgrounds. Furthermore, I find my hobby as footballer that can also contribute my soft skills as I work well in a groups and I would be cooperative and take a leadership role when is appropriate. In my spare time I enjoy calligraphy as hobby also. I find it really helpful to improve my hand skills.
I have to be also very patients and allow yourself to work precisely and understand the process that you are going through. I find the dentistry in calligraphy as few professions where you can incorporate both science and art into my daily work life. From the observation witch I’ve done so far I can conclude that dentistry is unique career and there is nothing more rewarding than taking someone’s pain and seeing their satisfied faces. This “mission” extremely influent on my resolve and enthusiasm to achieve success and improve the first thing the people notice- “the smile”.

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