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Published: 2021-09-11 03:35:08
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Jay Gatsby’s life is revolved around a series of lies and dreams; he believes so strongly in these lies and dreams that he eventually believes them to be true. Gatsby is one of the most hopeful characters in literary history; he has an incredible ability to convince others, and himself, that what he says is always true. Despite Gatsby’s money and tremendous backstory, he has one dream that is the centerpiece for every single action he does after the war, Daisy Buchanan.
Gatsby and Daisy had a romantic history from before the war, and while Gatsby was away, Daisy married and had a child with Tom Buchanan. Despite this, Gatsby still truly believed that he could win Daisy back and have everything go back to the way it was when they were teenagers, which sparks the famous quote, “can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can!” (110). Gatsby has an elaborate plan to win Daisy back: he will become very rich (assumably through illegal means), and he will move into a mansion just across the bay from her where he will throw elaborate and wonderful parties in hopes that Daisy will stop by. Gatsby’s dream is that Daisy will see what Gatsby has done, and that now he is wealthy enough for her, and she will run away with him.
The Great Gatbsy
Gatsby’s dream takes a slightly different course than her wandering into his house randomly; Gatsby’s new neighbor, Nick Carraway, is cousins with Daisy, prompting Gatsby to ask Nick to arrange a get together at Nick’s house. After rekindling, Gatsby and Daisy begin a romantic affair, and it seems that Gatsby’s long anticipated dream was about to come true. There is a brief moment in the climax of the story where if Gatsby would have taken his chips and walked away from the table, he would have achieved his dream of winning Daisy back, but Gatsby keeps playing, and ends up losing everything. Daisy had confessed that she no longer loved Tom, and that she was in love with Jay, but when Gatsby insists that Da…

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