Effects Of Industrialization On The Environment Paper

Published: 2021-09-11 16:45:09
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First of all, industrialization developments give rise to roundhouse gases which include carbon dioxide and methane. A series of consequences are caused by high content of the greenhouse gases. The content Of carbon dioxide in the air and temperature are rising. The earth is not appropriate for human being to live anymore when it rises up to a certain extent one day. Furthermore, what serious results greenhouse gases bring about is ice thawing and ocean levels rising and coastal pain flooded.
Essay Example on Industrialization Effects On Environment
It is time that scores of trees should be supposed to be planted and being green eke using less cars more walking is strongly advocated. And global warming is not the only one consequence of industrialization development. In the second place, it also produces copious numbers of harmful gases that contributes to air pollution. The newspaper showed that only one percent of China’s 560 million urban citizens breathes’ air considered safe by the European Union. Furthermore, car’s emission which makes the air not as fresh as before is also the chief culprit to this pollution.
Even though air is such an significant object to mankind making people feel comfortable, numerous industries which have no strainers burning the coal release exhaust gases which contain sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides. These acid gases will lead to acid rain which is severe air pollution destroying the structure of soil. Consequently industries should procure sulfur filters or use a well-established air pollution control technology. As a final point, although the development of industrialization brings about advanced economy and technology, it results in water pollution as well. On one hand, a majority of rivers are contaminated With industrial pollutant.
Because of this, progressively more seas are turning into dead seas. Furthermore, a great deal of fish and various marine animals cannot exist anymore leading to the decrease of biological diversity. On the other hand, though there is fresh water, it is unfortunate that a great amount of it can no longer be used. With water polluted, the demand for fresh water in people’s daily life and in industry seems not to decrease instead increase. As a result, government would purchase advanced technology to refine it.
In conclusion, though industrialization results in economic development making people’s life advanced and comfortable, it correspondingly brings about global warming water pollution and air pollution inevitably. As the old saying goes, environment to man is what water to fish. At present, it is high time for government to take efficient measures to prevent the environment from being worsen. Law is an efficient way to restrain people. It depends on individual.
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