Environmental Problems Should Be Solved At The International Level Paper

Published: 2021-09-11 16:30:08
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Environmental problems, ranging from Antarctic Ozone hold to global warming, are becoming severe and urgently needed to be tackled with. It has gone beyond national boundaries and become an issue that can be only solved by the cooperation of all the countries in the world. Firstly, the seriousness of the environmental problems has gone beyond the individual country’s ability to solve. The environment has been polluted for hundreds of year by all the people in every county. Due to lacking of capital and advanced genealogy, some counties are not capable of dealing with the environmental problems.
Essay Example on Outline Of Air Pollution
So it is impossible to ask Single County to solve the problem of the whole human society. Secondly, the environment of the whole global is a unity and it cannot be treated separately by each county. For example, the air pollution of carbon dioxides in one country will cause the warmth of the whole global. And finally affect other countries. On the negative side, if it depends on only few countries efforts to solve the environmental problems, there countries will not be aware of the seriousness of the issue.
For example, it is mainly the increased greenhouse gas emissions worldwide that cause the global warming. If only few countries reduce their emissions accompanying by pollution of other countries, this phenomenon will not disappear. In conclusion, environmental problems should be solved at the international level. We have only one earth, only under the efforts of all the countries can we make better of our home. Each member should make his own contribution.

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