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Published: 2021-09-07 00:30:24
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Question 1.
The new words in Orwell’s “1984” are words from “Newspeak” – an artificial language of Oceania which served as a tool for political dominance. This language includes numerous abbreviations like Minitrue (Ministry of Truth), Minipax (Ministry of Peace), Miniluv (Ministry of Love), Miniplenty (Ministry of Plenty), doublethink (ability to combine opposite things), INGSOC (English Socialism), Oldspeak (traditional English language), duckspeak (a person who speaks without thinking) and others.
Question 2.
I think that Orwell paid much attention to words and thinking. In the world of “1984” and thinking a person who dares to think differently becomes a thought-criminal. Winston is thought criminal, so this word is surely important. Other important words are Inner and Outer party – new names for social classes. But the most important word is “hate”, which is a cornerstone of Inner Party influence and is used to keep people in obedience.
What Is Duckspeak In 1984

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