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Published: 2021-09-12 16:40:09
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The sample essay on Advantages Of Higher Education Essay deals with a framework of research-based facts, approaches, and arguments concerning this theme. To see the essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, read on.
Gwen Noah’s experience through college was different than that of her children because attending college was not as pertinent as it is today; one did not have to finish college to pursue a career, but now it seems as though it is a requirement to acquire a career in itself. Noah explained that it was easier to earn employment in the mid-1900s, during her time period.As years progressed, it became eminent to her that even her daughters(being a generation apart), had to receive more education to better qualify themselves and become better representatives of the career they wished to pursue. She emphasizes that in today’s modern society it is better to even go as far as getting one’s PhD to further pursue work, though back in her day it was not necessary. Times have changed. Competition is becoming more and more aggressive. Competition meaning the education that someone has received as opposed to what a person has not received.Employment is becoming significantly more based on how much education one has and how many degrees one has earned. Gwen Noah provides insight on what she thinks is preferred in today’s society as opposed to her day. As she is interviewed she provides wisdom based on her knowledge of how important it is to have an education now a day. Being an 85 year old woman, Gwen Noah released some relevant information that might not have been as relevant when she was growing up.She told us that she thinks it is better for young people today to get an education in order to help achieve any goals they might have. Using her daughters as an example, she describes how college helped in their pursuit of their careers: “Yep, well one of my children teaches in Azusa, another works with the state in social services, Susan majored in nutrition but she now works in optometry, and Janet was a dental assistant for 30 years…” In this quote, Noah suggests that an education helped her daughters strive in any field they wished to go into.She realizes that her daughters would not have been able to achieve the goals of teaching, becoming an optometrist, or working for the state in social service if they did not have a background knowledge that was gained through higher education. This also suggest that the knowledge her daughters received made a lasting impact on their lives also, enabling them to become more independent and more aware power viewed as knowledge. Also, when inquired about the necessity of a bachelor’s degree she replied: “Yep, a PhD is nice too. Not only does she have an understanding of the demand of having a bachelor’s degree, but she took it a step further in saying a PhD would be nice as well. She states, “It seems to work. ” PhD indeed does work, as it is of the highest levels of education. She makes emphasis, however, that during her day, the only degree she received was an Associates degree; even then, her degree did not take much effect because she was a volunteering mother at an Elementary.She makes references that the degree, back then, was not of major importance and states, “…Like is said, I was a volunteering mother so my degree did not play an important role in my life. ” In the quote, Noah makes a big statement because now, in today’s society, every degree is taken with that much more respect, regardless if one is merely a volunteering mother. One is taken more serious and held at a higher level. Noah makes it clear, though, that back in her day the degree she had made no difference because the occupation did not entail to anything she was doing.Now, among past days is the best time to earn a college education. It takes one further than ever possible as explained by another significant figure, named Howard Bowmen in 1997 Edition. An individual of high intellect and ability, named Howard Bowmen, speaks out for education and never against it. He makes it clear that Americans today have to strive to be more educated now more than ever in order to reach any future goals they may have. As mentioned before, education serves as a pathway to freedom and serves as a liberating expression of power.Knowledge is power and the more one knows that, the more power (knowledge) one will want. He explains that higher education makes the person well rounded. He writes that, “The following can be described as the elusiveness of these no pecuniary effects of higher education which include: refinement of taste, conduct, and manners; values and morals; citizenship; aesthetic sensibility; intellectual integrity; tolerance; leisure; and the student as a whole human being (books. google. com). In this passage, Bowmen offers the qualities that are combined with a person of higher education. He explains that all this will be found if someone pursued the education available to their person. Much of the qualities named are idealistic and provide some insight as to how the perfect employer should be; they should be refined and be in tune with their morals and conduct. This allows one to notice the importance of having an education. One is held at a different level because that is the way that an educated person presents themselves.He also concludes his sentence by added the word “whole” before adding human being to it, thus allowing one to acknowledge the best that one can be. Education improves a person from the inside out. With this said, a career is far more likely to be offered to a person with an education than a person with no education past high school. The chances of the person with the least amount of education are slim if any in comparison to the one that chose to be educated and then look for a career to build their life on.Another example of careers thriving better on education is contained in Career Education-A Proposal for Reform, where it explains that employers looking to hire someone also look at their intellectual background for more structured support of what the person has accomplished. Like Howard Bowmen and Gwen Noah alike emphasize college and the demand on a higher education, this also teaches people the values of earning an education and earning the career of one’s dream, “Education is the basis for a great run and career; it provides more involvement and training which a higher education can give (eric. d. gov). ” In this quote, it is eminent that people want educated people. Obviously employers want to hire someone that knows what they are doing. Having an intellectual background covers basis for most everything. Offering another example of education related to careers is the Los Angeles Times. Known for their updates and news, Los Angeles Times also updates us on the importance of education in order to upgrade ones career. Times have changed from the mid-1900s. Career life is more difficult to settle into if one does not present with an education.Life as we know it is getting harder, “This generation is difficult but future generations will have an endless line of competition… this will only get more and more competitive as the years pass on(careerbuilder. com). ” In this quote, it is brought to the readers’ attention that future generations will have it harder than previous generations. Remembering Gwen Noah, she too explained that her degree did not mean much to the employers she was hired by, but just one generation later, which her daughter where brought into, it was completely different.Noah encourages young people in today’s’ society to get a college education to pursue their long term goals. The Los Angeles Times throws the truth with a bang, and instead of covering it subtly, they have it out there for everyone to recognize the truth. The truth is, education is valued much more than it used to be valued years ago; it will continue to rise in value as long as the demands are met and people raise the bar. As mentioned by Miss Gwen Noah “a PhD would be nice,” when it comes to getting a career because she was made aware of the importance of education in today’s society as opposed to her time.Howard Bowmen and the Los Angeles Times also emphasize the demand for higher education. Though it was not as difficult to attain a career back in the day (mid-1900s) as it is today, more people are becoming more qualified and bettering themselves in search to better their future lives. Future hopes are education. Education now is the best one can for oneself, though a few decades ago is was merely an option floating around. Now, it seems as though it is almost a requirement to succeed in this world.

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