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Published: 2021-09-01 14:25:09
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Discuss the conflict that is occurring at General Hospital. In my opinion the conflict that is occurring in the General Hospital is the physicians are interested in obtaining personal benefits from representatives of pharmaceutical companies that distributes to the hospital. In most organization this is considered a conflict of interest. The physicians focus is not on their patients but on obtaining personal benefits. The Hospital pays each physician and clinician that is employed a very high salary and the pharmaceutical companies are aware that the physicians are interested in favors if they use products at the hospital.
This problem has caused representatives of the pharmaceutical companies to easily get their products in the General Hospital which can sometimes be a difficult task for many pharmaceutical companies. Since the physicians have started this practice it has become a serious problem for the hospital. The ways to control the cost incurred in availing the desirable pharmaceutical resources in the Hospital are also facing some difficulties.
Some pharmaceutical companies increased the prices of their products in order to provide some share to the physicians that support their company. Some professionals at the General Hospital have positive thoughts of the decision and others are and this has cause a conflict at General Hospital. 2. Discuss the conflict management styles that are evident in the case. The conflicts of interest at the Hospital is related to all business practices in the Hospital for example (1) the pharmaceutical companies are handled by the organization in an efficient way.
Hospital Conflict Resolution
The decisions that are being made are not in accordance with the primary interest but the secondary as well and I think it should be reversed with the primary and not with the secondary. The Hospital can implement duties on many business projects with the people such as pharmaceutical consultants. They should remember to remember the importance of maintaining a equal relationship between both parties the physicians and their supplier. 3. Discuss how General Hospital could have used teams to address the cost reductions needed to stay competitive.
In my opinion I think the General Hospital can set guidelines concerning the salaries of, maintenance of the Hospital infrastructure, physicians, availability of high-tech machines, medicinal resources, availability of organs for transplant, hospital management etc and this will help the hospital maintain financial resources at all times and in the future. The Hospital should also implement ways to help offset high electric bills by checking the cost incurred in the wastage of electricity in those departments which are not currently under operation and combine the departments.
All financial aids that is given to the hospital by the government as well as the other financial institutions should be monitored and utilized in an efficient way and controlled by a limited sources to show where the money is being spent. The hospital may develop ways by using different ideas to help strategies and stabilize their existence. This can be done by making offers to patients with unbeatable prices for some treatments and procedures.
The General Hospital should investigate other hospital prices prior to making a final determination of their budget. 4. Describe how Hammer can use negotiation skills to get buy-in for the cost reductions. The negotiation skills are very important in any organization. To reach an administration that can produce great results at the General Hospital they must use their negotiation skills. The General Hospital is a huge and wide-spread organization and detail measures must be taken viewing the cost-reduction because of the size of the organization.
Hammer should submit his proposal to negotiate the price of the artificial items that is needed by some patients. The manufacturer of these products can be contacted directly and the best price could be achieved and used to say the hospital money. The items purchased at lower prices from the manufactory can provide evidence that the product work when utilized for patient’s. The General Hospital could overcome the cost incurred in the treatment as well as the salaries of the doctors by negotiating with the suppliers.
The hospital may find some of the suppliers not willing to lower the items at the offered price however if they refuse to negotiate or lower the price the Hospital should secure another company that is willing to negotiate the prices as a back-up plan.. 5. Recommend a strategy for Hammer to resolve the problem. In my Opinion I think Hammer should use a strategy to solicit the opinion of Hospital employees to help resolve the problem. He use an innovation awards plan. This plan will allow employees to submit their innovation on how to resolve the problem and the staffs that submit the top ten ideas are given a monetary gift.
All employees’ opinion should be taken into consideration to help Hammer resolve the problem at the hospital. The risks and contingencies should also be weighed and taken into consideration prior to any final decisions actual being implementation. If there is a conflict is found between the opinion of the employees, the hospital should allow the employees to determine by using some form of voting procedure using upper or lower management. The advice of the people who have been exposed to this type of problem should be interviewed for information on how they dealt with the problem and what strategies that they used to overcome the problem. After identifying strategies that will help solve the problems they should be implemented to the hospital employees with a plan on how to measure results from the plan.
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