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Published: 2021-09-05 04:10:12
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Human resource environment is a great factor which can directly affects employee’s morale and productivity if not properly managed. After internal and external environmental factors are well taken care of, employee can concentrate on their task at hand. A positive and friendly environment makes work more enjoyable for the employee and it help to develop sense of belonging to the organization.
Areas of the management of human resource environment includes Strategic human resource management which combined human resource practices with organization’s business policies to helps the organization to achieve it’s goal. It involves a pattern of planned human resource deployment and activity which can improved the organization’s productivity. Next, we need to ensure that the organization’s human resources management practices are complied with federal, states and country’s law. As the organization is set-up for business. Policies are being developed to support it’s operations.
We need to determined if these policies are legal with the legislative and regulatory agencies of the country. This is critical to the organization as legal issues can affects organization’s operation and become a burden to organization’s success and survival. Lastly, we look at design and review of jobs that can motivates and satisfies the employee and therefore, increasing productivity and maximizes customer service with better quality of work. With motivated and satisfied employee, there will not be much changes of the company’s human resource as people are happy with their work and unlikely to leave the organization.
Three Dimensions Of Human Resource Management
This result in a reduction in resources need to train new employee annually. Acquiring and preparing human resources As customer needs for new product and services, organizations need to forecast the number of employees need and type of workers that meets the demand. Organization have to measure it’s present human resources configuration and relates it to future demand. Base on it’s knowledge of the worker’s personality, organizations need to decide on termination of service for unproductive employee, promotion and also plan for employee’s retirement.
Getting the right people to replace them can be quite challenging task. This area includes recruitment, employee selection, human resource planning and training for workers to perform their task. They have to keep a lookout for potential individual who are able to deliver what customer wants. It is important to minimize errors in selection and placement of employee as it affects the organization ability to compete with rivals and also the applicant’s life. Employee will not do well in wrong area of job scope allocated and will in future become a burden to the company and effects one’s social life.
Training helps employee to develop skills which is need to perform for task base on organization requirement. As the employee can do his job well, he will become positive and motivated to make more contribution for the company and therefore, improve productivity. Assessment and development of human resources Managers and employee have the necessary skills to perform current job and to develop new skills to be able to cope with future assignment as more advance method of operation and technology have been introduced to the organization.
In this area of human resources management, we need to measure the employee’s performance in term of weakness and strength and plan necessary development for them. Preparing the employee for future work roles and resolve any issue that is affecting them in work. We also need to ensure that employee have the competencies necessary for the task for organization’s present and future operation. Educating employee with organization’s long term goals and values in the industry. Develop interest for employee to work for the organization, creating a relationship between the organization and the employee.
Justification for productive employee by promotion and bonus will retain them from competitors. Discipline and layoff unproductive employee as they are obstructive to organization progress and fellow employee. The objective is to achieve an ideal employment relationship and working environment that will benefit both the company and employee. Compensating human resources Pay and benefits are used to reward employee’s contribution to the company and also to attracts new workers. Other than interests in work, the next incentives that workers look forward to is pay and benefit.
Positive influence on new work design, new technology and quality demands on production can be damaged if employee are compensated unfairly. This area of human resources management includes creating of a good pay system, reward employee contributions and provide them with benefits for working in the company. Using salary and benefits to recognize and reward employee base on performance, seniority and skills will helps to retain experience and productive personnel. Frequent change of employee will result in a slow down in company’s operation as they are lack of experience and cohesiveness.

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