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Published: 2021-09-12 15:55:10
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A successful project a fruitful culmination of efforts by many individuals, some directly involved and others that have quietly encouraged along with their extended support.The satisfaction that accompanies the successful completion of any task would be incomplete without the mention of the people who made it possible and whose constant encouragement and guidance has been a source of inspiration throughout this project.
We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all those who have help us in this project. We are greatly remaining indebted to our Project Incharge Ms. Divya Gupta and Head of CS Department Ms. Manvi Mishra for her valuable suggestions and all round encouragement. Group member:Isha Gupta Tulika Rastogi Priyanshi Verma Shubhi Bhasin ABSTRACT Manage the user account information is basically copying the information from one file to another file . It is basically an application used at a wide level today. It is done to reduce the stress of the human labour of copying the same information again and agiain. It also give a relief to paper work and also reduce the chances of losting the information.It is generally used in big organisations for employees, in banks for opening another account , in schools, medical and many more .
Tulika Rastogi
In this , firstly the user is asked as to information of which file he/she wants to copy.
If the name of the file which user gave, exists then the user is asked to give a new name to the file in which the information is copied. The new file is created of that respective name and the information is copied to that file . This procedure is quiet easy and can be done in short time while again entering the information to the new file takes much more time.This applications helps us in many ways as disscussed above . It has one more benefit. The changes or modification done in the new file will not effect the original file information and the original file can be used as reference in future. This document has a wide application in banks, or banking accounts where the information of the current account of any user who is interested in opening the new saving account in that specific bank to ensure the easy accessibility to the customer.
This type of document will definitely provide an ease to the customer as well as to the respective organisation by saving the time as well as human efforts.This document also provides a brief description and applications of “c” language to the user. * 1. 2 Product Scope This product provides the user to copy the details of existing file into a new file of desired name. In this project we have copy the information from one file to another file. By using file handling. This type of program is widely used in banks, institutions, colleges, industries, medical etc to copy the details of user whose details already exist. Benefits 1. It is inherently easy to understand. 2. It will be applicable in each and every field. * 2. SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE REQUIREMENTSoftware Requirement| * Turbo c * Operating Software * Micro Software| Hardware Requirement| * RAM 256MB * Hard Disk 80GB| Table-1 (requirements) START START 5.
1 FLOW CHART DESIGN * ENTER THE FILE NAME IF FILE EXISTS? COPY USER INFORMATION ENTER THE TARGET FILE PASTE THE CONTENT STOP Fig1. 1 (Flow chart to copy a file into another) * 5. 2 Algorithm of the Program 1. Start 2. Enter the file name 3. If file name exist then (a),(b),(c) otherwise repeat step 2. (a)Copy the user information (b)Enter the target file. (c)Paste the content 4. Stop

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