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Published: 2021-09-12 16:35:09
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Having gained significant work experience, I realized that I have to go on with my education, and chosen  SUNY as the right place to continue with my studies. I have reasons to believe that my enrollment in this university is the best option for me, and the university will also benefit from my presence in its community.On my part, I am attracted to SUNY, a university that is my first choice due to its superior teaching standards and vast scope of opportunities offered to students. Academic rigour and universally strong teaching standards applied at SUNY are a guarantee that I will acquire a first-class education that will serve as a catalyst for my career. Equally important is the comfortable atmosphere at the school that welcomes students from different nations and social groups. Diverse student body will offer me a chance to meet people of different backgrounds and broaden my outlook learning of their varying perspectives. Besides, SUNY accepts a lot of students with substantial working experience, which, in my view, will make my classes more interesting as I will have an opportunity to learn from fellow students as well as from professors. Studying at  SUNY would give me an excellent opportunity to experience the thrill of working in a group where everyone is on the same or higher intellectual level than I am.The university can also gain from my participation in its program as I believe myself to have a potential to make a valuable contribution. Being persistent in my studies, I can boast impressive accomplishments. At high school in Czech Republic, I was one of the best students and graduated with honors. I was equally successful at Suffolk Community College, where I was on a Deans list and a member of PTK honor society despite the fact only a few years before I entered it I did not know a word of English. I attribute my success to my determination to make my best effort even if I have to fight with serious challenges.The oldest of three children, I learned to be independent early, taking care of my younger  siblings since they were born. After my parents’ divorce, I had to shoulder another burden: learn to provide for myself starting at the age of 17, working at a job that paid for all my expenses and moving out of my parents’ house to live in an apartment of my own. Continuing with my family responsibilities, I virtually raise my thirteen-year old brother, a responsibility that shaped my character at a very young age, since I believe that true independence comes when one learns to care for another person. As if God wanted to test my strength of spirit in yet another way, almost immediately after my parents’ separation, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had to undergo treatment and an operation. Knowing how hard it is to fight disease at a young age, I later volunteered at children’s cancer center in Prague so as to help others in their struggle for survival. I emerged a stronger personality after weathering all these misfortunes, as my victory over the illness convinced me that even the most insurmountable obstacles can be conquered.I moved to the US four years ago, on my own, having no acquaintances or friends, and without knowing the language. Even so, I felt this would be the right place to me, and the language was in fact one of my goals as I trusted my abilities to master it, and indeed I have made great progress since the time of my arrival.  I owe a lot to my high school teachers, ESL class instructors and teaching staff at Suffolk Community College that I am about to graduate with 3.7 GPA.My successful working experience also gives me a reason to believe that I can succeed as a business professional. At my current job, where I am engaged in sales, marketing, and consulting activities, I am recognized as an outstanding professional, although I combine 65-hour weeks with full-time tuition.  I work very hard to keep up with my grades and continue to develop my expertise in the job that helps me to pay the bills and learn things that will come in useful in the university course I hope to pursue. A business degree in International Business obtained at  SUNY Westbury will supply me with a solid knowledge foundation indispensable for a successful business career.Last but not least, I expect to be able to add a fresh breeze to SUNY student life, as I am looking forward to active participation in student activities. If given a chance to become part of SUNY’s diverse student body, I am ready to plunge into student life from the very start, as I feel an exciting and varied spare time will refresh my mind and help me to excel in learning.

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