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For further information: a touch can do wonders Call toll free No. :1800 209 9000 a touch can do wonders E-mail: [email protected] com Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. , Oncology Division White House, Block-1, Level V, Kundan Bagh, Begumpet, Hyderabad-500 016, A. P . Ph: +91 40 66022500 Mobile: 097014 40679; 097044 03422 www. drreddys. com This report has been printed on environment friendly paper. No trees have been felled in its making. patient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill Dear Doctor, In keeping with the spirit of these famous words from Winston Churchill, we at Dr. Reddy’s are constantly looking at ways to reach out to the society, to make a difference and deliver on our commitment of “providing affordable and innovative medicines for healthier lives”. To reitterate this commitment the Sparsh program was launched in June 2006, and we have enhanced this initiative last year by making it more patient friendly where the patient can even avail the partial services of Sparsh with your approval and support.
This year apart from this enhancement we have started Mitr Helpline to emotionally support all the patients and their relatives through psychological counseling. Through this little book we have also tried to give you a snapshot of the various social initiatives being anchored by Dr. Reddy’s. You and Sparsh can make that important difference and rekindle hope in the lives of many patients. Warm Regards, When you share with others, life begins to find its meaning. The time you touch the heart of others is the moment you truly start living. Ritha Chandrachud Sr. Vice President – Sales and Marketing, India 2 3 atient assistance program Everyone has a purpose in life and a unique talent to a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals Dr. Anji Reddy Core purpose Our values Providing affordable & innovative medicines for Healthier lives Excellence in everything we think, say and do Quality Respect for the Individual Innovation & Continuous Learning Collaboration & Teamwork Harmony & Social Responsibility Truth, Integrity and Transparency
Quality Respect for the individual Innovation of continuous learning Collaboration & Teamwork Harmony & Social responsibility 4 5 patient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is a global, vertically integrated pharmaceutical company with presence across the value chain. Over the years, related diversification and acquisitions transformed Dr. Reddy’s into a leading Pharmaceutical company from India. Our company’s stated purpose is to provide affordable and innovative medicines for healthier lives. Dr.
Reddy’s today is divided into three core businesses of Pharmaceutical services & Active Ingredients (PSAI), Generics and Proprietory Products. Through our PSAI and Generic business, we strive to make medicines more accessible and affordable globally and through our focus on proprietory products we address unmet or poorly met medical needs. Providing affordable and innovative medicines for healthier lives Pharmaceutical Services & Active Ingredients Generics Proprietory Products 6 7 patient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 Aligning Purpose & Sustainability
Al se and Sus urpo tai P na ng bi ni l g i Sustainability is reinforced by the business we are in. At Dr. Reddy’s, we aim to help people lead healthier lives through two parallel objectives: delivering affordable and accessible medication to all parts of the world and discovering, developing and commercialising innovative medicines that meet unmet medical needs. However, it is not enough to improve affordability and accessibility alone, or to increase innovation capacity. These contributions to the world need to be delivered in a sustainable and responsible way.
As a company, we have embraced the Triple bottom line approach to sustainability. While all companies are led by their purpose, being reminded of it everyday in the midst of short term demands is possible by living the Values. Therefore, while there may be many business cases for pursuing sustainability, at Dr. Reddy’s, our commitment is anchored to our Values. The Values are universal, unchanging and provide space for creativity in the path of sustainability. And this commitment we deepen in our systems, processes, structure and thus in our performance. Values Excellence in everything we think, say and do
Triple bottom line approach Leading sustainable business practices i ty Quality Respect for the Individual Innovation & Continuous Learning Collaboration & Teamwork Harmony & Social Responsibility Truth, Integrity and Transparency People (Customers, Shareholders, Employees, Society) Making medicines affordable and meeting unmet medical needs Profit (Execution excellence) Planet (Environment protection) Active citizenship Finding solutions for key social issues Sustainable livelihoods & quality education 8 9 patient assistance program Talking about Sparsh, G V Prasad, the Vice Chairman & CEO, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories added, a ouch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 patient assistance program the Sparsh initiative is a first step to serve the needs of the patients by increasing access and affordability of medicine. patient assistance program We understand the dilemma that doctors and patients face in cancer therapy. The care is very expensive and it can be financially debilitating for most patients. This is a reality we are acutely aware of at Dr Reddy’s and Dr. Reddy’s Oncology initiatives a touch can do wonders Helping patients with Cancer Sparsh is a unique Patient Assistance Program developed by Dr.
Reddy’s and is aimed at increasing accessibility of expensive medicines for Indian patients. Sparsh helps to provide high-quality oncology drugs free of cost to patients through their doctors. Doctors as Sparsh patrons, carefully identify and recommend the most needy patients to the program. This pioneering program unheard of in the history of Indian Pharmaceutical industry has been able to touch the lives of over 1456 patients who received free anti-cancer drugs through Sparsh. More than 3276 Cycles of medicines were offered to the deserving patients on the recommendation of the “Sparsh” Patrons (2006-09).
Our new drug RedituxTM alone benefited more than 260 patients with NonHodgkins Lymphoma since April 2007. 10 11 patient assistance program patient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 patient assistance program a touch can do wonders A ray of hope Mr. Dixon Miranda, now feels energetic, looks after his grandchildren, loves to play piano and go for walk with his wife after an effective NHL therapy with Sparsh support for Reditux as recommended by his oncologist. Mr. Dixon Miranda, Mumbai Mr. Y Prasad, a Municipal License Surveyor in Kakinada, aged 56 years, endured with severe joint pain in the leg.
Ingestion of pain killers could not give the desired outcome, hence was compelled to approach an Orthopaedician, who suggested a biopsy test and was diagnosed as cancer. The entire family was apprehensive on his life threat. Sparsh on Reditux with Chemotherapy was referred by his oncologist as a life saving medicine after completing 6 cycles, with significant improvement he says… “I thank Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories for giving me hope to live” Mr. Pandey, Delhi My mother is 75 yr old and she is dependent on me. Though conventional chemo was cheaper and affordable but my doctor suggested for Dr.
Reddy’s drugs for better outcome and survival. 12 Mr. Y Prasad, Kakinada 13 patient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 Even after listening to the advantages, I could not decide for the drug because the therapy was very expensive. The Dr. briefed me about the Sparsh initiative by Dr. Reddy’s by which the additional expenses have come down to almost half. It’s a very good initiative for old age patients, when life expectancy after therapy is known to be short; Sparsh minimizes the burden of chemotherapy from the family members and allowing the patient to fight against cancer.
PromoteIndia is a collaborative initiative between Dr. Reddy’s and ICON. It is focused at meeting the requirement of creating a pool of trained physicians across the country to help the cause of early diagnosis of cancer a support to cancer patients in tertiary locations. To bridge this gap between early detection of cancer & good support to the cancer patients, PromoteIndia has been able to train a pool of 1000 plus physicians across the country between February 2008 till March 2009. This year (2009-10), our aspiration is to reach out to 10,000 plus physicians across the country.
PromoteIndia is a collaborative initiative of various teams & divisions in Dr. Reddy’s India business. This program has received an overwhelming response from the participants who have appreciated the efforts of Dr. Reddy’s as an organization committed to “Awareness & Education” about cancers. 14 15 patient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 The core purpose of Dr. Reddy’s is “Providing affordable & innovative medicines for healthier lives”. As we work on this agenda, we would like to extend our sense of social responsibility to a wider mass of people.
We realize that every segment of the populace is afflicted with unfortunate illnesses, many of which can get cured if detected early. Cancer is one of these. In today’s world of changing lifestyles, the menace of the Cancer, in all its varied types, is a disease that afflicts many. As a corporate, we have cases in our own organizations and in the larger families of our employees. We, at Dr. Reddy’s, have decided to partner with organizations that are interested to spread awareness of what causes the disease, what could help detect (if not prevent it altogether) it early and look at timely curative interventions.
Most important, how do we as patients, family and society help respond to the challenge psychologically. “Awareness for Life “is one of our initiatives to educate Corporate India on these lines. As part of our Endeavour, we are offering various interested organizations a talk and interactive session by a medical oncologist, provide awareness booklets, and possibly even, arrange for individual consultations as well as subsidized screening for high risk group(s). This program has been conducted at 100 various reputed organization across the country with coverage of more than 10000 people during this year. 6 17 patient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 Mitr is a patient relationship program, a toll-free initiative from Dr. Reddy’s, a warm & caring companion to help patients fight against cancer. It offers psychological counseling & emotional support to patients & their relatives also provide self care tips and tips on compliance. Mitr is not an alternative to medical advice & does not recommend / suggest doctors / institutions or respond to medical queries. It only deals with psychological counseling.
Mitr was started in the month of November 2008 and since then we have been able to provide emotional support to more than 400 patients and we look forward to provide warmth & Support to many more. We could able to capture the emotions of few patients whom Mitr services were rendered. Pankaj Ghosh, Kolkata Mitr is an extremely good initiative of Dr Reddy’s ! Initially, I had a confusion whether I was getting the right product at right price for my mother, a call to Mitr puts me at peace specially during the time when I required it the most to continue the treatment for my mother. My mother has completed 4th cycles and is feeling fine.
I am extremely happy for her and all the services provided by Mitr-Counseling services. Wish you all good luck. May you continue to help the patients…? 18 19 patient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 Our planet is faced with a climate crisis that has reached the level of a global emergency. The disastrous effects of man’s indiscriminate exploitation of finite natural resources are being seen and felt around the world, threatening the very survival of people and our planet. None of us can ignore the role we play in this catastrophe nor our responsibility to prevent it from escalating.
In an attempt to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment through responsible use of natural resources at the same time trying to continuously reduce our environmental footprint by minimizing the cutting of trees we have recently initiated “Go Green” Campaign for all our marketing promotions. All our communications will be eco-friendly on recycled paper. Apart from Paperless promotion we have some in-house initiatives to serve our planet. Innovation Plaza, the green building (see picture) According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, a green building is a practice of creating tructures using processes that are environment friendly and resource-efficient throughout the building’s life cycle – from visualization to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and deconstruction without compromising the classical building design issues of economy, utility, durability and comfort. Green chemistry & engineering We work towards developing products and manufacturing processes which make our operations inherently safe and environmentally friendly by employing techniques of Green Chemistry & Engineering. 20 21 patient assistance program a ouch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 DRFHE was launched in 2002 to address unfulfilled health education needs & provide Value-added benefits to various stakeholder groups, specifically the patient community, doctors and nurses. DRFHE has been instrumental in conducting various courses related to health education for the benefit of doctor’s assistants, nurses & resident doctors. DRFHE & oncology partnership to create a more integrative healthcare service, by giving healthcare professionals the tools & skills they need to provide value added assistance to the medical fraternity.
At the same time, DRFHE also seeks to improve patient knowledge & understanding of disease. For example, Life at Your Doorstep, DRFHE’s palliative care initiative, helps terminally ill patients and their families to better manage serious illnesses. On January 14, 2008, DRFHE launched a pioneering palliative care program called ‘Life at your doorstep’, directed at providing relief to patients suffering from terminal illnesses through symptom and pain management. A doctor, nurse and patient counsellor travel to the patient’s residence in a fully equipped medical van to provide the necessary home care service.
Palliative care is addressed as much towards the patient’s family as the patient, helping them to cope with their loved one’s illness. DRFHE covered nine patients in the two months that it was operational in FY08. 22 23 patient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 a program which will address to the development of certain skills and competencies required for the day to day operations of a pharmacist. The program would also focus on patient handling skills and general management. Sanjeevani means “one that infuses life”.
L i v i n g We l l i s c o l l a b o r a t i o n b e t w e e n t h e Dr. Reddy’s Foundation for Health Education (DFRHE) and the Art of Living Foundation to increase awareness on the importance of lifestyle in the prevention and management of chronic illnesses with customized program that are focused on creating positivity, self-confidence and a renewed zest for life among those afflicted by chronic illness. A month-long ‘Certificate Program in Cancer Counseling’ has been developed for participants with a background in bioscience.
This program equips them with knowledge of medicine, nutrition, psychology, sociology and physiotherapy leading to a specialization in cancer counseling. The participants receive an opportunity to undergo training with doctors in the field of oncology and counsel patients in cancer hospitals. The program launched its first batch in December 2007. Following this, two programs covering 11 participants were rolled out, eliciting a positive response from doctors. 24 25 patient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000
TO ING CH U THE INNER CI R A doctor’s profession requires a lot more than excellent clinical knowledge. The art of patient relationship management is an area of advantage to the young oncologist. To meet this requirement we have initiated a unique program called Glioz Inner Circle. Glioz Inner Circle is designed to infuse the desire of the young doctors to establish, achieve and flourish. This one year program is for the budding doctors that cover all what is not taught in a medical school. The program addresses the 3 vital success factors: ?
Management and business acumen ? Patient management skills and competencies ? Attitude and personality This program is aimed at helping budding doctors develop soft skills, enhancing their competence and strengthening doctor-patient relationships. Through this program, doctors learn skill enhancement techniques and gain pragmatic knowledge and insights for building a thriving practice. We have facilitated this service more than 50 young oncologists from Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi & Chandigarh and plan to reach to more than 200 young oncologists all India.
CL E 26 27 patient assistance program a Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 We recognize that the profession of nursing encompasses wide ranging functions and responsibilities, and that the care given to patients goes a long way in boosting patient morale. In view of this, a special program called Abhilasha has been introduced for the oncology nurses. The focus of the program is soft skill development in addition to their professional expertise, thus enhancing nursing efficiency and confidence.
As of now, 93 Abhilasha had been rolled out, benefiting 3,320 participants and receiving unanimous appreciation from participants and doctors for their novelty and impact. 09-10 28 09-10 touch can do wonders 29 patient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 manthan DRFHE is excited to bring a powerful, life transforming workshops for the consultants that will help to achieve greater productivity, stronger team work, increased influence in all key relationships, a more balanced life and a sense of peace in life.
This workshop is a step towards the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) that includes medical, managerial, social and personal skills DRFHE will help provide the necessary solutions to overcome these challenges and to attain Greatness. How to progress from good to great by rediscovering ourselves? Individual doctors while keeping themselves up to date on good medical practice, would also need to embrace broader skills that include relationship with patients, working with colleagues, management, communication, team building etc. This DRFHE workshop uses a 360 degree assessment tool that measure 4 leadership competencies.
These are interpersonal skills, walking the talk, decision making and inspiring. The workshop focuses on empowering, challenging and connecting. Mantra would be conducted through two day’s interactive workshop and if need be followed up with executive coaching over a year. 30 31 patient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 By giving back to society through innovative and farreaching social investments and pioneering developmental programs, we hope to help create a more equitable and sustainable world. LABS (Livelihood Advancement Business School) initiative
Dr. Reddy’s Foundation makes an important contribution to sustainable social development through its pioneering programs in the areas of education and livelihood creation. Working in partnership with various state governments in India, DRF’s Livelihood Advancement Business School (LABS) and Neighborhood Schools program reach out to thousands of underprivileged youth. Employees at our manufacturing units organized road shows to enroll village youth in the Foundation’s LABS programs. Employees were trained by LABS personnel to train enrolled participants in turn.
These road shows were received with great enthusiasm. As many as 140 people enrolled in the livelihood skills program, 100 participated, 80 completed the program and 60 were placed in jobs. This unique program has made a significant difference in the lives of many formerly unemployed youth. 32 33 patient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 DRF has set up LABS programs across India in partnership with the central and state governments, NGOs and the private sector. They provide shortterm vocational training courses to the economically deprived to make them employable.
Brief profiles of LABS programs are given below: In partnership with government Grameen: Aimed at creating rural livelihoods, this program receives funding from the Ministry of Rural Development (Government of India) through its Swarnajayanthi Gram Swarozgar Yojana. Grameen LABS centers have now come up across several states in India. The Urban Program for Advancement of Households Income: This program is run in association with Commissioner and Director Municipal Administration (CDMA) and AP Urban Services for the Poor (APUSP).
The APUSP is being funded by the Department for International Development, UK. Indira Kranthi Patham: This initiative is funded by the World Bank in partnership with the Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty. The jobs component of the project is being implemented by the Employment Generation & Marketing Mission (Department of Rural Development, Government of AP). 34 35 patient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 KARV (Kallam Anji Reddy Vidyalaya) Dr. Reddy’s Foundation facilitates quality education at English medium schools for underprivileged children.
Over the last decade, DRF has helped withdraw children from work and mainstream them into schools. It has partnered with government schools to improve educational quality and conduct bridge courses for those who missed educational continuity. DRF instituted Kallam Anji Reddy Vidyalaya for deprived urban children in November 2001 with 256 students. This school has grown to a strength of 1,500 students today. The school graduated to English medium education from the academic year 2007-08 to meet growing needs. 36 37 atient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 Pudami Pudami English Primaries: To extend the benefit of English medium education to a number of urban poor, DRF initiated 14 Pudami English Primaries. These primaries (nursery to Class five) cover 1,200 children and are situated in large population clusters of the urban poor, serving as feeders for ‘Pudami’ neighbourhood schools. DRF’s Pudami neighbourhood schools provide the marginalized and lower income community with high quality English medium education.
Around five schools are being constructed and will accommodate over 2,000 children when complete in 2009. 38 39 patient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 CSIM to learn to heal to raise CSIM Centre for Social Initiative & Management (CSIM) CSIM, established in the year 2002, provides a learning platform to individuals for pursuing social initiatives. It offers courses on social issues such as: ? vocational training to disabled persons ? improving the quality of education and introduction of environmental mprovement programs in government schools to youth to learn to heal to raise The following training programs were conducted by CSIM NGO Management and Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Program: v This was designed to equip socially committed individuals with an understanding of the scope of social entrepreneurship, opportunities and ways to address organizational and resource challenges. P. G. Diploma v in Social Initiative and Management: This course, aimed at those interested in pursuing a career in the development sector, completed its second batch in June 2008. 0 41 patient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 Employee giving program The Power of 10 is Dr. Reddy’s employee giving program, under which employees can contribute Rs. 10 a month (or multiples of 10), a sum matched by Dr. Reddy’s, for onward donation to Naandi Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental organization. Some of the achievements of the Power of 10 program include: v of 10 touches the health of more than 45,000 school The Power children in Hyderabad government schools through ‘The School Child Health Program’. The Power of 10 paves the way for achieving grade-specific competence in 287 Hyderabad government primary schools, impacting 44,533 children through an ‘Ensuring children learn’ program. v of 10 focuses on mother and child health in 100 villages in The Power the tribal region of Paderu (Visakapatnam district) through the ‘Safe motherhood & child healthcare’ program. 42 43 patient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 The School Child Health Program
The School Health Program, which draws all its funding from The Power of 10, believes that a child must be healthy to succeed in school. Under this program, children requiring medical care are treated at the school outpatient center and also admitted to the school health ward at a leading Hospital as in-patients. A number undergo surgeries free of cost. The program also aims to increase health awareness among parents. The health data of children is properly maintained to enable caregivers to track the child’s medical history. Ensuring Children Learn
The Ensuring Children Learn program (a joint initiative of Government of Andhra Pradesh and Naandi Foundation) aims to improve learning and education quality in government primary schools. The program aims to reduce school dropouts by providing grade-specific competence as children move from class to class. This is ensured through direct academic support, learning level measurement, government school teacher support, child learning tracking system, community involvement and focused support to the girl child. To achieve grade-specific competence, Academic Support Centers are run by a Community Activist.
Several programs enhance awareness on the importance of education among parents. One of the highlights of the academic year 2007-08, unique to Naandi-run schools, was that children were provided with diaries to inculcate the habit of writing. 44 45 patient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 Safe Motherhood & Child Healthcare Program Infant deaths in the tribal area of Paderu were unreasonably high, at 83 per 1000 live births. Of the total Infant Mortality Rate (IMR), nearly 70% comprised neo-natal and early neo-natal deaths.
The Safe Motherhood & Child Healthcare Program was created to remedy this situation and aimed to enlist community participation without challenging traditional sentiments. As a result, traditional birth attendants were trained in hygienic delivery procedures and were encouraged to seek formal medical assistance in critical situations. Thanks to this timely training, 60 challenging medical cases came to light over a period of six months, saving the lives of mothers and their infants through timely transportation via ambulance to a nearby hospital. 46 47 atient assistance program a touch can do wonders Toll free No. : 1800 209 9000 Community development around manufacturing locations Each manufacturing centre of Dr Reddy’s elects a cross-functional CSR team from among its employees which, along with Dr Reddy’s Foundation, undertakes various social development programs like Upgradation of educational & healthcare facilities in nearby villages ? Enrollment of participants in the Livelihood Advancement Business ? School (LABS) through road shows Hosting of events to create awareness on HIV / AIDS ? 48 49

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