What Promise Does Chillingworth Exact From Hester Paper

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This essay sample on What Promise Does Chillingworth Exact From Hester provides all necessary basic info on this matter, including the most common “for and against” arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.
People will commit crimes or die 6. How do most . What conclusion can you draw from the fact that every new unnecessary. Com/… / what-conclusion-can-you-draw-from-the-fact-that-e… When realized that, it was a real eureka moment for me; how you learn and apply martial arts is the same process as In music. After that, so many other things and … Corporeal punishment, harsh scolding Cite some examples of the grim games played by the Puritan children.
Fight with the Indians, scourging the Quakers, practice witch craft What was the first object pearl seemed to be aware of as an infant? The scarlet letter Hawthorne states the following paradox: “How strange, Indeed! Man had marked this woman’s sin by a scarlet letter, which had such potent and disastrous efficacy that no human sympathy could reach her… God, as a direct consequence of the sin which man thus punished, had given her a lovely should in heaven. ” Does the birth of “a lovely child” born out of an adulterous relationship prove that the strict puritan moral code is wrong?
What Promise Does Chillingworth Exact From Hester
Explain you answer. Yes, they are too strict. In describing the harsh disciplinary practices of the Puritan family, Hawthorne observed that these practices were “enjoined by scriptural authority. ” He is referring o Provo. 13:24: “he who spares his rod hates his son, but he who loves him takes care to chases him. ” Does Hester follow this practice of not sparing the rod? Do you think that Pearl would have been more obedient and docile If Hester had taken a different approach to discipline? No she does not punish Pearl.
Pearl may have been different If she had been punished severely. – Prison and a cemetery under whose footsteps was the rose-bush outside the prison supposed to have sprung up? Sainted Anne Hutchinson What kind of spectacle have the townspeople of Boston gathered to witness? The What is the significance of the scarlet letter A which is embroidered on Hester gown? Show that she was an adulteress prison and cemetery at once? People will commit crimes or die How do most of the townspeople regard Hester punishment as too severe, too lenient, or appropriate?
Too lenient and that she should be hanged Do you agree that the harshest aspect of punishment by pillory was that it prevented the confined person from hiding his or her face? No, because the crime was not severe enough to merit humiliation Yes, because it was harsh enough to stop other’s room doing it again Hester thinks of her childhood home as she stands on the scaffold. What does this glimpse of her past suggest about her family background? They started off with money and her family became poor. She married someone with money and her husband sent here (America).
Husband is older, he marries her. Hester first crime is married for the wrong reasons (money). Married for her (Hester) own self-gratification. Hawthorne says the Puritan townspeople were “stern enough to look upon her (Hester) death, had that been the sentence” but not fearless enough to mock and ridicule her. Do you agree that scornful mockery would be crueler than the attitudes Hawthorne describes here? Yes, it is like “rubbing salt in the wound” too be mean to her would be too much. To mock her would be to ruin her entire life.
Chapter Ill The stranger who appears at the outskirt of the crowd while Hester stands on the scaffold is slightly deformed. In what way? One of his shoulders was higher than the other. He is a white man but he has native garb on. He is raggedy and old. What explanation does the stranger make to the townsman he speaks with that accounts for his combination of “civilized and savage costume”? He was captured by the Indians The townsman tells the stranger that the Judges have been lenient with Hester because of her youth because she is probably a widow.
What was the severest possible penalty for adultery in the Massachusetts Colony? How long does Hester have to stand on the scaffold”? How long must she wear the scarlet letter? She could have been sentenced to death. She has to stand on the stand for 3 hours. She has to wear the A for life. What seems to particularly disturb the stranger after he has learned of the sentence imposed on Hester? Why isn’t the dad standing on the stand o? What clues to the identity of the stranger does Hawthorn provide in the first three paragraphs of Chapter Ill? Maybe he could be the father or…… Her missing husband.
After hearing of Hester crime and punishment, the stranger vows that her lover’s identity will be known. How important do you think this vow of his will be in the rest of the novel? It will be important because he made a vow and it is considered important. It will move the story forward. It will impose the conflict, the adventure, and the mystery. In what way, according to the reverend Timescale, can Hester alp her unknown lover atone for his sin? Telling everyone who “he” is How does the Reverend Wilson interpret the baby’s response to Dalliance’s entreaty? What significance do you think the baby’s response may have?
The baby The reverend Timescale awaited the result of his appeal to Hester to reveal her lover’s name “leaning over the balcony, with his hand over his heart… ” On hearing her refusal, he draws back With a long respiration. “Why do you suppose he was holding his breath until he heard her answer? How would you describe what the young minister is probably feeling at this moment? Because he was nervous because he might say the name (that he is the father) Chapter IV Where is Roger Chlorinating, the stranger of Chapter Ill, to lodge while the authorities work out his ransom with the Indians?
Prison What two kinds of experience equip Chlorinating to be a physician? His previous studies in alchemy (changing one thing to another) and what he has learned from the natives when he has been captured Why does Hester at first resist Clownishness’s attempts to give the baby medicine? That he was going to poison the baby. What promise does Chlorinating exact from Hester? That she won’t tell the towns people that he is her husband. At what point are you certain that Chlorinating is Hester husband? Cite the passage that confirms your suspicions. They talk about their wedding day.
Pages 24 and 25 Why does Chlorinating say that he seeks no vengeance against Hester? Because he knows that she is young and pretty and without a husband for years and she is already being punished. What do you think Chlorinating means when he says of the father of her child “l shall read (the letter of infamy) on his heart? The lie will eat away at you. Your disposition changes At the end of the chapter, Chlorinating says, “Not thy soul… No not thin! ” Which words would he have emphasized as he said this? What do you think he means? He would emphasize the words thy and thin.
He is after the father’s soul. Chapter V What reasons does Hawthorne give for Hester remaining in Boston, where she is an outcast? That is where the crime happened and she didn’t want to run and hide. This is where she was from and where the father is from. Hawthorne mentions three main occasions for which the people of Boston made use of Hester sewing skill. Official’s robes and funeral garb and christening gowns What does Hester do with any spare money she might have? Donates it to charity Hawthorne describes Hester as lonely “and without a friend on earth who dared to show himself. Who might be one friend who shares not show himself? The secret lover The people of Boston are willing to hire Hester to make clothing for public ceremonies, funeral apparel, and baby linen but not bridal veils. Why do you suppose they make this exception? It is supposed to show purity and love and Hester is not pure. Describing how Hester is able to support herself and her child, Hawthorne says, “She possessed an art that sufficed… O supply food for her thriving infant and herself. It was the art – then, as now, almost the only one within a woman’s grasp – needlework. What does he mean by “the only’ (art) within a Hawthorne also makes this observation: “Woman derive a pleasure, incomprehensible to the other sex, from delicate told of the needle. ” Do you agree that this is true now? Do you think it was true in Hawthorn’s day? Explain you answer. Sailors and physicians Explain whose “human eye” it is that Hawthorne is referring to in this passage: But sometimes, once in many days, or perchance in many moths, she felt an eye -a unman eye- upon the ignominious brand that seemed to give a momentary relief, as if half of her agony was shared.
The next instant, back it all rushed again… For in that brief interval, she had sinned anew. Had Hester sinned alone? In what way has Hester “sinned anew’? She doesn’t reveal the father because she still loves him. Chapter VI How does Hester account for the aspects of Pearl’s character that trouble her? The stress that she had during the pregnancy How does Hawthorne characterize the disciplining of children in the early days of the Boston Colony?

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