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Published: 2021-09-02 05:45:12
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Identify two reports on serious failures to protect individuals from abuse. Write an account that describes the unsafe practices in the reviews. Below are 2 different accounts of abuse within hospitals and care homes. I will explain the alleged abuse against residents in their care. In the 1st Account I sourced the information from the following website: http://www. bbc. co. uk/news/uk-england-bristol-14181646 The 2nd Account I sourced the information from the following website: http://www. irminghammail. co. uk/news/local-news/west-midlands-police-probe-footage-5325705 / Account 1: On the 18th July 2011 a health watchdog had reported a `systemic failure to protect people ‘at a hospital where alleged abuse was secretly filmed by the BBC. BBC Panorama secretly filmed patients that were being pinned down, slapped and taunted by the some staff members. Mr Terry Bryan contacted the BBC after his concerns he raised were not followed up by the home`s management or the Care Quality Commission (CQC).The CQC were ordered to review the Winterbourne View Hospital after the Panorama Programme. The report on Winterbourne View had found that the owners Castlebeck Care had indeed failed to protect its resident that was living at the home. They found that they were not adequately protected from harm including the risks of unsafe practices by its own staff. The owners had failed in its legal duty to notify the CQC regarding the serious incidents which included injuries to patients or on occasions when they had gone missing.Panorama filmed for five weeks and during that time they filmed some of the hospitals most vulnerable patients being repeatedly pinned down, slapped, dragged into the showers whilst being fully clothed, they were taunted and teased. An ex employee of Castlebeck Care, a senior nurse reported his concerns to his managers. When his reports were ignored by his managers he then contacted the CQC three times, Even using the word `Abuse` they too ignored his concerns. Winterbourne closed down in June 2011.There were 11 staff members convicted of assault at the Winterbourne View Hospital. In the final report it looked at how the abuse had taken place, it had discovered that the social workers and other professionals failed to challenge the quality of care, lack of response to serious incidents, which included assaults on patients. It was seen that lack of practice and procedures was a major fault in the professionals involved, as they should have seen what was happening to the patients. Account 2:On the 10th July 2012 a former employee of Selbourne Care Home recorded an alleged attack on a resident in the care home. She recorded a further two more alleged attacks on residents. The first recording showed a resident sitting on the sofa at the care home and the carer trying to wake him by seeming to slap his stomach and pull on his ears and nose. He is also caught shaking, shouting at the resident and also clicking his fingers in his face. The second and third recording shows a very distressed female resident standing behind a table between two care staff.Miss Lee had told the management several times about the alleged abuse, she had also tried to work in accordance with the home to raise their standards. She decided to contact the external bodies as the care home failed to listen to her allegations. Miss Lee claims she contacted the CQC regarding the alleged abuse but there was no action taken by them. She also showed the recording to the Birmingham`s Social Services, But the county council can find no record of it.Selbourne Care Home also claims they had not received any complaints about the treatment of any residents by Miss Lee. The CQC confirmed they had received an anonymous report about Selborne Care Home. They referred the matter to Birmingham City Council and they became the lead authority for investigating safeguarding matters. The CQC has been monitoring the home closely and has been in regular contact with the council. The care home immediately reported the allegations to the police and Birmingham Social Services and this then initiated the Authority`s Safeguarding procedure.The care home started its own investigations regarding the actions of their staff involved. The Male carer that was recorded in the first film has since left his employment with the care home in September 2012. Regarding the other two members of staff one of them has been suspended from duty pending further investigation and the other is currently on maternity leave. Selborne Care home is subject to the on-going monitoring of its compliance with the national standards of quality and safety, which also includes nannounced inspections of the home. CQC has inspected the home on four separate occasions. On conclusion to the above reports I have discovered that both hospital and care home management played a part in the alleged abuse as they did listen to their staff when they reported their findings. I also felt that the CQC had played a part as they had failed to act on information quickly, and I believe that had they acted sooner then maybe some of the alleged abuse if not all of the alleged abuse would not have happen.

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