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Published: 2021-09-05 20:25:07
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As student, explain the value and relevance of this year’s theme In our present time. There is no greater solution to what’s happening in our country today than to be united in one cause. The fact that we are gathered together in this great hall with the hope alleviating and educating ourselves on disaster risk management and reduction is a part of that solution.
Essay Example on Extempo Speech
I may be young and innocent but innocence is different from ignorance. There is no valid point in arguing whether one contestant in this competition excels the most, the fact that we are here today, to stand before you all and give our speech on how to mitigate disasters is a win-win solution not Just for myself or everyone around here but for our community. In the recent years, our country has been plagued by typhoons, earthquakes, and other natural hazards. But it Is Important to keep In mind that disasters are not natural, they only occur when people lack preparedness or the ability to cope with hazards.
According to the united Nations, disasters Imposed large humanitarian and developmental challenges, the frequency and severity of disasters increased over the last few years due to climate change. According to them, 226 Million people are affected by these hazards every year and in 2000-2010 almost 680,000 people died on earthquakes due to poorly constructed buildings. Now, these facts merely illustrated the difference between vulnerability and our capacity to cope if these tragedies happened.
According to I-IN, a school in Japan saved hundreds of students merely because their alluding was constructed to withstand the most tragic disaster to hit the country in 2011. These are but an evidence of how knowledge on disaster preparedness Is able to minimize the damage a natural hazard can cause. This years theme on National Disaster Consciousness Month explained that without disaster preparedness and the awareness of disaster prevention one society cannot simply move on or better yet progress.
According to the National government in 2005 alone typhoons cost $12-1 ban of damage and will cost 5% of GAP. Our economy cannot smoothly allocate resources and budget if we are going to be hit again by these hazards not only will our economy suffer but the very lives of every Filipino people. International Red Cross Society has already declared the Philippines as the 4th Most Accident Prone Country in the world and in the last ten years alone we have already sacrificed million people.
As a student, I can only understand that the tragedy is not found only in the midst of a devastating typhoon but to the poor preparations our communities have undergone to mitigate the damages. We need to act now, be willing to be educated on disaster preparedness and reduction. Knowledge Is power and In unity comes greater strength. We need to understand the fundamentals of this information on how to lessen and avoid damages to our communities.
The National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council has already mapped out the areas that are prone to dangerous zone. People should be willing to be trained by different international and government agencies on how to act when disaster strikes. Drills have already been in progress since 2000 on earthquakes, typhoon, flood, fire to prepare communities to be self-resilient. For our communities to prosper, we should stand out this turmoil that we are in right now and be united to stand in one cause.

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