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Published: 2021-09-10 08:45:06
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Fahrenheit 451 is a novel based on the ideas of a dystopia, meaning, it is a world full of imperfections. The main plot of this novel is about a fireman, named Guy Montag, who sees the evil and impurity in the world he lives in. This novel was constructed in 1953 and has continued to be a major symbol ever since. This piece of literature has received many awards due to its powerful symbols and its significance. According to Bradbury’s biography “Ray Bradbury is one of the best-known writers of science fiction” (outside source #2). In Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury uses the symbolism of fire, books, and mirrors to develop the theme of an imperfect world.
Essay Example on Guy Montag Symbols
Throughout this novel, Fahrenheit 451 uses many symbols, one of them being fire. Fire is everywhere in the world of Guy Montag. Fire is used to burn and destroy books and libraries and is the main symbol, representing destruction. The reason books and libraries are destroyed is because they contain knowledge, which is why they are banned. “They pumped the cold fluid from the numerale 451 tanks strapped to their shoulders. They coated each book; they pumped rooms full of it” (Page 38). This society has been falsely lead into hating books and the people who own them. If a book is found in one’s house, they will be arrested, and the books will be burnt to the ground. The idea of destruction is when Clarisse said “You’re peculiar yourself, Mr. Montag. Sometimes I even forget you’re a firefighter” (Page 21). This supports the fact that fire represents destruction, because Clarisse is surprised that such a caring man would be associated with fire and destruction.
Books have always been an important part of history, but not so much in Guy Montag’s world. In Fahrenheit 451,books are a symbol for knowledge and wisdom, but they are also highly illegal. Guy Montag has possession of multiple books and knows the penalty. For example,“Mildred smothered the bedclothes. Montag felt his heart …

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