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Published: 2021-09-13 07:50:11
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The topic should add Reese the three keynotes in the essay title – ‘know, ‘will’, ‘do’: our knowledge of climate change, our attitudes and values about climate change, and our actions in response to climate change. The body of the essay should focus on how knowledge, attitudes and values, and actions are related to each other in terms of climate change. For example, you can consider different human communities/countries and their beliefs and value systems which may influence what they know about climate hanged and what they are doing about it.
Or you may take an approach starting with those countries/communities which are doing most/least about global warming and analyzing why in terms of their level of knowledge or the main values in society. The essay is not about the causes, processes, consequences or remedies of climate change NAB. This course is Climate Change and Society with emphasis on society response The conclusion should restate your stance on the statement and summarize the main arguments in the body. You should also briefly discuss the implications based on the arguments in the body of the essay.
Content (30%): task fulfillment; relevance and comprehensiveness of information provided about topic; logic and justification of arguments 2. Organization (30%): cohesion and coherence; overall structure; sequence and presentation of ideas 3. Language (30%): academic style and tone; accuracy and range of vocabulary; accuracy and appropriateness of grammatical structures 4.
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