Harry Potter – Book and Movie Comparison Paper

Published: 2021-09-10 09:30:09
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Have you ever read a book then decided to see the movie or watched a movie then decided to read the book? In 2013, 78 books were turned into the movies, based on the website PopSugar. Releasing the films based on the written books like what happened to Harry Potter is the best experience a reader expects. Like thousands of readers, I have read the book and then watched the movie of Harry Potter. I was impressed when I started reading Harry Potter and that story presented one of the best experiences I have had ever. For sure, I can say that reading Harry Potter made me want to stay awake all night and to keep reading. Therefore, after finishing the book, I decided to have that experience again through watching the Harry Potter movie, written by J.K. Rowlling and directed by Chris Columbus. Consequently, I realized many major differences and similarities in the reading and watching of Harry Potter. Not only, I but lots of readers and watcher of Harry Potter whom I know also claim that there are some similarities like being impressed and motivated by the movie and book, and differences like inadequate details in the movie, different cost, and presenting the picture differently.
Time, the oldest excuse of directors of movies who face questing of why is your movie less detailed than the book? When I was reading Harry Potter, the range of details of the book was too vast. Therefore, I easily had being taken to the world of Harry Potter and I would experience my enjoyable moments of my life. The biggest difference of the book and the movie that I have realized is the unequal scale of details. While reading, readers encounter more details which the inverse statement is true for the watchers while watching the movie. In addition to different details between Harry Potter book and movie, there is a big difference in the money which allocated to the movie and the book. Chris Columbus, the director of the Harry Potter, expended millions of U.S. dol…

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