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Published: 2021-09-13 05:15:09
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The South Australia Women’s Health Policy undermines the role of women in advancing the health issues that affects them. More predominantly, it tackles the issue concerning gender in terms of South Australia’s Health Policy (Government of South Australia. 2005).

The Health Policy is constructed as a societal problem that focus on the role of women as health providers. The policy supports the assumption that improving women’s health will improve the community’s health as well.
The health issues addressed in the policy differs from ageing, sexual health, mental health, violence, etc. All of which imposed the question on equality of opportunity between men and women.
Health Policy Analysis Paper Example
The isolated phenomenons are generalized under the impression of gender inequality. This inequality is seen as a factor that requires immediate action. Women of all ages and status are seen as a part of the vulnerable populations of the community. The policy aims to improve the health and the quality of life of individuals through imposing preventive measures specifically through equipping women with enough knowledge.
The policy is in accordance with the National Women’s Health Policy that has been launched in April 1989 ( The National Policy takes into account the improvement of women’s health and well-being. The National Policy further considers the fact that there is a range of factors that affects health including socio-economic, cultural, biological and environmental factors.
The South Australian Women’s Health policy might result to contentions involving the interest of stakeholders such as the government, employers, private insurers and provider organizations (Bomar 2003).Stakeholders has their own interest that primarily involves generating income and minimizing expenses. The increase of “access” to Health Care Services as indicated by the South Australia Women’s Health policy denotes an increase cost or budget for Health related issues.
Another conflict might arise regarding disseminating funds and allocation of resources. The South Australia’s Women Health policy discusses the different needs of women based on their social and economic status. Particularly, the policy intends to increase the services, participation, and employment while eliminating discriminatory practices against indigenous women, abused women, disabled women, women with mental illness and ageing women. This undermines the fact that some women are considered under the policy to be at more risk than the others.
Therefore, more funds and attention are needed by the “at risk” women than the others. Such post-structural understanding of gender and health undermines the need for a change in the societal treatment and view regarding women.

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