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Published: 2021-09-12 19:50:08
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It allows for virtually any format for the paper rivers as well as processing government compliant CHAPS variations of the surveys that are being implemented in healthcare organizations nation-wide. The new system will provide user-centered experience and intuitive design to allow every branch of the business to operate effectively and efficiently. QPS system provides company-wide synergy and interoperability between the segments of the process from outbound production, to inbound processing to analysis and presentation of results to our clients.
In order for the success of the project it is required for every business manager to undergo at least 1 0 ours of training to use the new system and to get familiar with host of new compliance policies. Stakeholders Executive Sponsors CEO CIO Users Analysts Outbound Production Inbound Production Development Project Managers Developers Objectives and Outcomes The main objective of this project is to streamline the production, processing, and analysis of medical satisfaction surveys across the company wide continuum while adhering to the government standards, privacy laws, and new compliance policies.
The outcomes of this project include a accompanied roll of the new Qualifies Survey Processing System and end- seer training in order to effectively and efficiently utilize the new system to its full potential. Success Measurement Since National Research Corporation has chosen a value based approach to this project it will be measured by its efficiency, effectiveness, and ease of use.
The value this new system provides to the company is measured in reduced costs of production, increased speed and volume of production, increased speed of processing, increased efficiency of processing and analysis of data, as well as increase in speed of end result delivery to our clients. The reject is aiming at impacting operational area of the company. The new system will increase effectiveness and efficiency all across the process.
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The new system will be faster, more dynamic and easier to use. The new process will increase the productivity by about 1 5%, processing and analysis time by 19%, end-result presentation speed by 17%. All around these numbers will have a huge impact on quality and speed of our service. This in turn will allow to increase the production and provide the ability to attain a larger number of big clients than we currently can handle.

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