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Published: 2021-09-10 05:10:09
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Persons with Espalier’s share some of the same traits as those with Autism. For example they may lack the proper social skills when interacting with others, they prefer routine, and often react negatively to change. Espalier’s is a lifelong challenge for the person, but many adults learn ways to cope with their disorder and learn to accept their weaknesses and focus on their strengths. Our leading man Donald is a laid back taxi driver who runs a support group for other people with social disorders. He lives by himself with his free roaming pet parrots.
HIS apartment Is dirty, and full of old news papers that he collects. He Is a lonely Individual. HIS life Is forever changed when Isabella, on the advice of her psychiatrist, joins the group. Isabella is very direct about her feelings and emotions while Donald is quite reserved and never knows exactly how to say what he is feeling. Isabella comes off as very free-spirited. She is a painter, and a hairdresser and is not afraid to take risks, and is non-apologetic about her social awkwardness. She seems to really have accepted her eccentricities as something she cannot, nor wants to hang.
Donald on the other hand deeply desires the ability to act “normal”. Our first conflict arises when Isabella decides to surprise Donald by cleaning his apartment. Although she does not throw any of his news papers away she moves them out of the living room and organizes them In a spare bedroom. Donald returns from work and flips out and In the struggle to express himself properly, lashes out at Isabella. They eventually reconcile and Isabella helps Donald find a new Job as a Statistician at the local University.
This is perfect for Donald since he is obsessed with numbers, and it is a real job that helps to foster his need to feel normal. This directly leads to another conflict. Donald invites his new boss and his wife home for a dinner. He is very stern with Isabella that he doesn’t want to her to make him look bad in front of his boss. Isabella is very much offended by and lashed out by over exaggerating her “free-spirited, flighty” personality, and Donald calls it, in front of their guests.
The film goes on to further show this young couple creating, and resolving both heir internal and external conflicts with themselves, their relationship, and how they fit into a society that forces them to control so much of who they really are. Mozart and the Whale Is a great character study for people going Into Special Education to get a feel for what life Is Ilk for persons living with Espalier’s. I have seen very similar behavior in my students with similar social deficiencies, and the way some tangs were explain Nellie me to netter unreason tenet need to nave tenet “autistic moments”.
It shows how people on the spectrum develop differently than our average person. It does not sugar coat what can often be a frustratingly sad world for people with social disorders, but it gives a good glimpse into the soul of these people and ultimately sends the message that despite their inability to effectively communicate their emotions and feelings that people with Espalier’s and Autism crave the same emotional connections as the rest of us. References Dismember

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