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Published: 2021-09-12 16:50:08
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Multicultural-Biography September 18,2013 Intro I am a Black, African-American male that has always been very precocious to the world. I was born in Detroit, Mi. located in the United States of America in a middle to upper middle class family in the year in 1983 which would make me 30 this November 16th. I can only speak English at the moment but I’m learning Spanish. I don’t really have a religious belief, I’m more of a spiritual person but I’ll talk more about that later. Race-Black Being of the Black skin tone has been a very unique experience I most say, compared to other skin tones of the world.
I say this because many ethnic groups have my same skin tone and even darker but they all have different worldviews. As a black male that grew up in a large black populated city I can definitely attest to having a true Black race culture running deep in my character. There is a person on the other side of the world that looks exactly like me but lives by different creed, might not have any respect for me because of the country I come form and the way I may carry myself. The fact that if you put the to of us in the same room together many would pass us as brothers when really we never even seen each other before in our lives.
Multicultural Essay Example
The term “black” may always be very interestingly broad. Ethnicity- African American Africans became Americans is one that shows man-kind its worst. Many would say they prefer not to be referred as Africans since they know nothing of their ancestries from over 400 years ago. This truth about people of color not claiming there heritage is very unsettling to me because where you come from can help in determining your future, whether its 5 years ago or 5 hundred years ago. Its is very important for us not to let the past be erased because us remember who we are at times when we may forget in this crazy life we live.
Our history was erased in the purpose so that we were nothing before we were called slaves even though there monuments in Africa and over parts of the globe that show proof that we were once a very special people. Yet in movies and even reenactments of the times of black kings and queens the actors are always white or fake Egyptian looking mulattoes. But there could be a change coming since more studies are showing that the first man was black when they found the oldest human bones in Africa.
Hopefully change is coming but it may be noticeable until the generation that my great grandchildren live in. Exceptionality- Precocity I set precocious as number 3 because without this early adapted nature I am almost certain I might be here today. As a normal child experiencing what life throws at him, I noticed that I had a extra sense for detecting BS (if you will) in a situation or maybe Just with a particular person. Not to go to deep into this particular subject, this gift has guided me through good and bad time, in fact it’s when I ignore it is when uncontrollable things happen.
I believe the greatest teacher is life itself, one just has to live long enough so they can show up and get taught something new. No one person is responsible for modeling the great mind on earth, that mind has to realized there something to learn around ever corner. Nobody can teach “game” the game is all around us to be seen by a watchful eye. Geography- Region: Detroit, Michigan Mid-West United States of America… Location: Urban…. Environment: Hood Growing up in Detroit is something I wouldn’t for nothing in the world.
Aside from the being the murder capital so many years, the experiences that I have learned growing up there cannot be compared to any other place on earth I feel. The biggest actor is that it is one of the only mostly black populate and mostly black run city in the America (not saying it’s done right) that was once thriving very well. I’m not saying that I would have wanted to grow up in a big house in the suburbs but being raise with all types of strains of black people was very educating. At the moment my old neighborhood is at its worst.
We never had a burned house on my block that didn’t get fixed well 3-4 years ago it happened and that when you know your neighborhood is going down. I always saw illegal activity but it was mostly done in a certain manner ere if you didn’t have an eye for it you would never notice. But with ever summer that passed the people got crazier; I noticed this when I turned 13. As soon as the as spring day would hit somebody would do something 10 times wilder, reckless, and deadlier then the last summer. Its like they were in competition with each other, but it really was Just a sign that things were getting worst.
In the mist of all this was me pretty street smart because of it. Sex- Male Being a male growing up in Detroit, many would say I wasn’t suppose to make it to see my twenty as many of my school never did, but I stand here blessed about to see 0 years of age. I am nothing but grateful for that because I personally know tooo many that could make it through 9th grade let alone through the twenties alive and not scorn too much by life’s trials and tribulations. I would never trade being the dominant of the sexes but as I am a wise man I know women rule the world.
Detroit is a black city so that’s the point of view I am most similar with, being that I have traveled a bit in my time I have much understanding of the views other males of different races and ethnicities. Class- Middle/Upper middle class I place myself in the middle to upper middle class because both my parents had uccessful business as I was growing up. My mother had a day care in our basement for 25years (until I was 15 years old), which had around 12 kids Monday- Friday. My Dad was an engineer for the board of education plus he did real estate amongst other things.
I never experience lights going out or any bills not being paid in out house hold. We did go on trips in the summer but that was not the case for the rest of my surroundings. Some of my friends from back then still have never sit foot out side Detroit and don’t plan on it even though the cities doing nothing but getting worst. Growing in this type of setting did make me grateful in most ways but at times it made me feel Just as poor as the other kids simply because they were my friend or that is who I saw every day, there problems were mine at times because of that.
Funny thing is that this class is growing more and more in America. It makes me wonder what’s to come of it, especially with a black president. Age-Young Adult To be a young adult it feels good and even better to be in college about to get a degree to make the family feel they did good and the bloodline shall thrive on. Sometimes its easy to forget how precious life is and how it can be taken away. At his time in my life I feel IVe so much and understand even more but there some much more the world has to offer me.
At 30 1 understand the mistakes the late teens and twenty something year old people make and I can laugh to myself and say I did that one time or sometime because I believe I have always been a little ahead of my time I say I would have never did nothing like that. I guess being a young adult all I can do is feel blessed and know there is a reason for my existence. What that is? Guess I have to keep on living to find out. Language- English…
At the moment I speak English but I have been in multiple French class in lementary school that I have forgotten and I am currently in a Spanish 2 class even though I don’t remember what I learned in Spanish-I two to three semester ago. I know learning it will help me when I move to California next summer but I can never impacted me negatively in anyway but I know moving to California where Latinos dominant, Spanish will be more then need if I want to be able to do business with everybody. And that’s exactly what I want. Religion- Other As a child I sometime went to Baptist and Methodist churches but I don’t remember Joining.
In fact when I became of age the only time I went to church was hen mu grandmother wanted me to go and there is no saying NO to grandma. I am a full believer in God but all the story that he never wrote himself is were my eyebrow raises. In my family and community I have seen some of the most upheld people of the church do some non-church like things but this is were I am suppose to get guidance from. The very first naw was put together because of a holy war hundreds of years ago. I am Just not sold. I believe life is what you make it, as long as you mind your business and do good to others everything will be alright.
This doesn’t ean sit around and say you waiting on God to send you a blessing. Life is a blessing enough in its own. I feel the spirit people talk about but in a different way. Its always kind and never Judging and it pushes and pulls us to where we need to be at any given moment in our lives. When I geta chance to tell a kid 12-18 years old something I keep it direct and raw. Just as it was passed to me through the years. Sugar coating truth of life is the worst thing we can to do when passing on our knowledge because life is not sugar coated like in the movies.
This is the perception most people have in one way or another and t is hurt them a little bit more as time goes on. I tell kids that there is nothing greater then you because there is only one you and never will be another. Always (always) listen to yourself, our mentor can guide us but the choice are all ours to make. Just be happy to be alive and able no matter where you are and always do your best. Not the best someone else says is good but the best you know you can be because only you know where and what you have taken yourself through in life. The best lessons are lived never taught. Most of all, Love yourself. Keep your heart in order.

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