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Published: 2021-09-04 00:25:08
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This sample essay on Csb Dress Code reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below.
We then thought of a topic that would benefit the Benildeans. The purpose of the proposal is to speak in behalf of all SDA students regarding our complaint about the dress code policy of the college. To come up with such topic is not an easy task for it is Just normal for a college or any institution to have a dress code policy. However, we pushed through with it because we want to open the eyes of those in authority to the fact that De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde is an “art” school.
The group came up with such topic because they believe that Benilde is a place for artists. It is in that place that they should be given the chance to act freely and that includes wearing whatever they want to. The college should be the first to understand the students’ way of expressing themselves even if it means supporting their not-so-normal fashion sense. To be able to defend the topic properly, the group made a research about anything that could help them expound the topic. They focused more on fashion since the topic is closest to it.
They also enumerated the attires that the college considers inappropriate and stated their main thoughts about the reasons of students for wanting to wear what’s prohibited. In addition, the group also stated the reasons why a certain school has to have a ress code policy and why Benilde should not be included in the list. The group based their conclusion on what stood out among all the information that they gathered. The De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB) School of Design and Arts(SDA) is a 14-storey academic complex,located at 950 Pablo Ocampo Street (formerly Vito Cruz), and about 350 meters away from the Taft Campus.
Saint Benilde International School Uniform
It was envisioned as a home for a new generation of Filipino artists and designers who are equipped with technical expertise and global competenciesIt is, by far, one of the most ambitious rojects of De La Salle Philippines. [pic] Just like what is stated above, SDA campus is home of the artists. Degree programs of the college include Production Design, Filmmaking, Animation, Multimedia Arts, Arts Management, Music Production, Dance, Photography, Architecture, Industrial Design, Interior Design, and lastly, the course that is related to the project proposal, Fashion Design and Merchandising.
Since the college offers the most non-traditional courses in the Philippines, it is basically normal for it to also be “unique” when it comes to the policies. It is supposed to let the students express ho they really are especially when they are inside the campus. One way of proving that the college really wants to support the Benildeans in their extraordinary talents is by allowing them to wear what they want. Most unfortunately, the college has this so-called “dress code policy. Section 1. 3. 3 of CSB’s Student Handbook says that “students are to dress in modest, decent, good taste. Any attire which tends to scandalize or offend others in the academic community, such as, but not limited to backless, midriff, tubetops and see-through attires are prohibited. Yes, CSB only wants what’s best for its students but it also has to realize that Benildeans have a small possibility of offending one another in terms of clothes since they share the same passion.
Here are some of what the college considers inappropriate: See-Through Fabric – tops where undergarments can be seen Plunging Neckline – necklines exceeding 4 inches below the collarbone Racerback Mini Skirts and Short Shorts It is given that the pictures posted here are really revealing. However, it is also important to note that the people who are fond of wearing those attires have a reason for it. It’s not like that they wear those clothes for the sake of getting attention. Some people like wearing racerback tops because they are into sports.
Maybe they feel even more close to sports whenever they are in that attire. Others may also Just want a “sporty’ image. There are also people who like wearing mini skirts and short shorts. The reason for this is simple those are what make them feel comfortable about themselves. Nowadays, people are not into wearing pants anymore because they find it hard to move around. See-through fabrics are also loved by some. It can be because of the style or the uniqueness they bring.
According to the research, young people nowadays wear shorts with no malice and yet the “old” people find malice in these so-called “shorts. The group really thinks that people live in a modern generation already. The past and the present are two different things. If people will continue living in the past, how will the world move forward? Benilde should stop implementing the dress code policy because it is also the main reason why everything about it is an “art. ” And art also means expressing one’s self through the clothes a person wears. The picture above popped out of the screen while the group was doing a research bout fashion. Obviously, the three ladies in that poster are wearing something that is strictly prohibited in the college.
How will the students give Justice to their project Fashion Design and Merchandising? It is really amazing how Fashion Design students can survive despite of the dress code. If they can attain success even with the “dress code” policy interrupting their way, how much more if it is not implemented? If they can completely express themselves or show off their talents without thinking of being sent to the Office of Student and Behavior? Benildeans keep on complaining about he dress code because they know very well that they have the right to fght for what they think is right.
They chose Benilde because they think that the college is going to support them all the way, that it is not like other universities that know nothing but academics, that the college is aware that its students have a unique taste in everything, and a lot more. The group made a research about the importance of dress code policy. Here are some of the gathered information:

Establishing a dress code will benefit greatly by enabling unity.
There are other ways to express yourself.
Definitely a dress code is part of being educated.
Dress code can help reduce the potential for conflict.
Being made fun of is not cool.
Ready for the workforce.
Dress code enforces motivation and discipline.
Schools should enforce dress codes because some clothing can be distracting and offensive to other students.
Better looking environment.
Dress code helps us not look trashy.
It removes a lot of problems.
Modest attire is a plus.
School is a place to get good education.
It is better to be yourself after school.
Rules are set to be followed and are set for a reason. ery different from other schools.

It is an “art” school which makes the students even more unique. One of the things stated above is that dress code helps us not look trashy. If Benildeans were to be asked about that statement, they would all say the same thing and that is “trashy look is fashion. ” It is also included in the list that “being made fun of is not cool. “Benildeans surely don’t make fun of one another. As Benildeans, the group is confident to say that there is a sense of respect in the college. There are lots of wardrobes in the college and instead of Judging the fashionistas,” they are being looked up to because of their courage to stand out.
They are not afraid to be labeled as “weird” because they know that the community understands where they are coming from. If the person reading this certainly does not have an artistic side, this will really be hard to understand. But if those in authority will Just try to open their minds, this will all make sense. The group found an online article written by Luke Larson that explains exactly why schools should not have a dress code policy. If you were a student attending a school with a dress code where everyone wore the ame stuff, how would you feel?
You’d probably Just feel like another average boring kid who doesn’t stick out at all and might not even get noticed or acknowledged by other students and even teachers. Schools shouldn’t have a dress code such as khaki pants and a polo shirt. If there is a dress code, kids won’t be able to express their creativity in the clothes they wear. For example, a kid at my school who’s name is Max Bush is very creative in the clothes he wears. Sometimes it’s a purple dress shirt with athletic shorts or nurses pants and a t-shirt. If there was a dress code, he wouldn’t be ble to be creative anymore.
Without the ability to be creative in the clothes kids wear, theyll Just feel like another face in the crowd. You wouldn’t stick out at all and some people may not be able to recognize you from some angles. ” The author got everything right. Although he is referring to kids, same goes through the teens or the adults for that matter. When there is a dress code policy, students tend to shy away from who they really are. They are not given the chance to have their own identity since they are being ruled by the school. They unintentionally become like the rest.
And because De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde is an art school, an expression of one’s self is very necessary. Benildeans are not supposed to be equally the same because the artistic sides within them are different. The photo caught the group’s attention because it seems like whoever made it wants the college to realize that it’s a school of fashion. And everyone knows that fashion is something not all people appreciate because of its uniqueness. A person really into fashion is capable of doing crazy things Just to show his or her love for it. He/she can even have the courage to show off some skin.
Those who have a deep just to give Justice to the fashionistas’ and fashionistos’ most famous line: “Fashion is passion. ” The group even encountered a Facebook page entitled “AB-FDM: Fashion is my passion, obsession, and possession. ” For a person to say that, it’s like telling that fashion is his/her life and that he/she will die without it. The facebook page is Just a proof of how some people give importance to it. Since Benilde decided to offer such program(s), it’s the school’s responsibility to extend its patience to the students who are very unmindful of the dress code.

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