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Published: 2021-08-30 02:15:09
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This sample of an academic paper on Office Administration Sba reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below.
Statement of TopicTo find the responsibilities and duties of the Administrative Assistant at The Cable Department.
AimThe aims of this undertaking are:To look into the responsibilities and duties of the administrative helper To find the importance of the Administrative Assistant to the organisation.
Functions of the Cable DepartmentAt The Cable Department. the maps of an Administrative Assistant areto brand and natural assignments on behalf of an executive and to recognize the client or possible concern individual in the most polite manner.
Administrative Assistant Essay
Abbott Village.West Farm.St Kitts.
17 October. 2012
Ms Judith HewletThe Administrative Assistant.The Cable Department.Church Street.Basseterre.
Dear Ms Hewlet.I am a 5th signifier pupil of the Verchilds High school. In an attempt to finish my School Based Assessment. I am composing this missive seeking permission to carry on an interview with you and besides to make some observations of the Administrative Assistant. I would wish to happen out the responsibilities of the secretary and how his or her work benefits the concern. I hope that you would allow me permission to hold this interview. I would be highly thankful as this would do it easier for me to finish my Office Administration School Based Assessment Project. Thankss in progress for your cooperation.
Yours unfeignedly.
……………………Tashaun Greene
MethodologyThe instrument that the research worker used to garner the informationwas an interview. The research worker interviewed the Administrative Assistant on the 21st of October. 2013 and recorded responses during the treatment. This instrument is used by inquiring an Ms. Hewlet in that particular concern topographic point inquiries whether face to face or over the telephonewhich is relevant to the concern to garner information. This instrument was chosen over others because more inquiries can be asked and the research worker may acquire a better apprehension of the information. In add-on. the interviewer can reply inquiries that were non clearly understood by the respondent. this manner is much more effectual and faster in footings of acquiring the information.
Five of import inquiries1. What equipment do you utilize to finish your work?2. What are the responsibilities in the concern?3. What are the paperss used in the concern?4. What are the statute laws that govern the concern?5. Are at that place any wellness and safety regulations?

Agenda of Activity
DateActivityRemarks13/9/12The guidelines for the SBA was handed to the research worker from the instructor The instructor explained everything that should or should non be done in the SBA14/9/12The research worker started research on the first six undertakings of the undertaking A past pupil corrected the undertaking and set a few alterations19/9/12I spoke with the secretary to seek her permission about the interview The secretary was pleased to reply and said yes23/9/12The SBA was sent back to the research worker in an electronic mailThe instructor corrected the undertaking14/12/12The research worker was on occupation fond regard to acquire farther information about the undertaking It was a success and all the information required was cod 21/12/12The interview was conductedIt was successful8/1/13The instructor gathered with pupils to inquire about the occupation experience The pupils responded good. it benefited most of them

21/1/13The SBA was sent to the instructorTeacher made some accommodations to the SBA22/2/13The SBA was sent back to the research worker to be correctedThe research worker sent back the rectification to the instructor

Rules and Regulations
One statute law that governs the work topographic point that the research worker had to be cognizant of is confidentiality. this merely means that whatever information is in the concern topographic point it should remain at that place and shouldn’t be discuss among your equals. relations or friends etc. The information should remain private. However. the research worker became cognizant of this statute law by the members on staff.
One wellness and safety pattern while transporting out this research undertaking based on the workplace is the mark which reads “wet floor” . This mark prevents people from acquiring hurt by allowing them know that danger can be in front of them.
One staff regulation which the research worker had to follow with while transporting out the undertaking is that there should be no usage of cell phones while working. This is so because it may be a distraction or it may develop struggle between the clients and the staff member.
The aims of the undertaking are to look into the responsibilities and duties of the secretary and to find the importance of the Administrative Assistant are to keep good working conditions and to utilize the basic package applications.
Business Form
DateName OF DOCUMENTPURPOSE OF DOCUMENT19/12/12Internet User AgreementThe intent of this papers is to guarantee that the clients agree to acquire the cyberspace service and they will make whatever is required to acquire the service. 21/12/12The Cable FormThe intent of this signifier is for the clients to make full out to clear up whether they want to reconnect. gulf. ascent or downgrade their service.

Cancelation FormThe intent of this signifier to call off the full overseas telegram service.
DateEquipmentPurpose OF EQUIPMENTSUITABILITY FOR TASKS27/12/12Photograph Copying MachineThe intent of this equipment is to copy the customer’s ID and any other papers that is at that place for cogent evidence It is suited to clear up whether the individual is who they say they are 28/12/12
Cash RegisterThe intent of this equipment is for the clients to pay their measure in which they owe or to do certain minutess It is suited because this is the chief thing that the clients come into the concern to make and it will be profiting the concern because they will be acquiring money 30/12/12
PrinterThe intent of this equipment is to maintain a difficult transcript of the of import information or information relevant to the concern It is suited to publish material so there would be a difficult transcript so they will be sent out to consumers. for illustration letters
Person listed:21 December 2012. Basseterre. Labour Secretariat Administrative Assistant
Publication ListS Finisterre. L Payne & A ; J Reid ( 2004 ) Longman Office Administration for CXC
Five of import inquiries
1. What is the equipment used in the concern?2. What are the responsibilities of the concern?3. What are the paperss used in the concern?4. What are the paperss used for in the concern?5. What are the statute laws that govern the concern?6. Are at that place healthy and safety regulations?7. Is the concern a successful one?8. What are the benefits of the concern?9. Are at that place any staff regulations?

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