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Published: 2021-09-10 14:15:10
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GITANJALIIntroduction Gitanjali is the one of the best novel wich is published by the rabindernath tagore plus it was written in bengali plus it has been tranlated into english, gitanjali may be the collcetion of 10 3 poems and also for this particular poem tagore won nobel price the word”gitanjali” is drived from th rood git which means”git” means songs and”anjoli”means offerings and thus means”prayer offering of songs”and also rabindernath became original non eropian who won the nobel price. It reflects on the iterrelationships among speaker or the poet, that the deity, and the whole world. He seems to be resisting religion and prophetically looking towards a brand new spirituality. It looks like mysticism’s poetry and tagore’s reaction ti the vision of the reality. Here he presents ” the fountion of energy that the celestial as the great affirmation, the source of death and life, and also the belief of the doctrine.In the vedantic doctrine”that art thou” tagore expains pretty wll regarding the individual existence in the word and also about the type. Telling the beauty . His lyrics like a transparent and so they the door of spaces abd wanting. Tagore like saint brings out also personification of the existence and death and that the idea reaching god when I browse the works writings of tagore will say concerning the ocean and also music.Rabindernath writings It’s packed with color and also all about filled with inspiration. Gitanjali talks to the death, nature and man’s quest for responses from god, of birth of life. Be it song or rain, nature or god,each poems the ease of notions. Nuances between god and man’s tributions with are caught beautifully in this book.while a single poem describes a individual waiting for its temple gates to be opened, the other clarifies beautifully a womean who is ready and awaiting her lord to come along embarence her.

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