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Published: 2021-08-31 04:05:10
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In the decision process, cognitive and psychological competency has always been important. Guidelines have been developed for critically Ill adults and patients with severe mental illness to assist clinicians and families In the evaluation of competency (Stein, et al. 2001). The decision to accept or reject a potentially life-saving medical procedure Is also affected by developmental considerations for an adolescent with a serious illness. I’m against adolescents making decisions about life In death. Adolescent have a developmental trajectory that Is not yet Like an adult’s. X a gray area when you have an adolescent making the decision (Tu, 2007) Physicians and parents should communicate with the patient to assess its maturity, whether its beliefs are well grounded and arrived at without coercion, and whether he or she truly understands the consequence of his decision. No matter how competent adolescents appear to be, they may still be too influenced by fear to be allowed free rein. Is it appropriate or practical to force an adolescent to accept prolonged treatment against he or her will?
Consent for medical procedure or treatment is considered as a basic acquirement for the provision of health care (Stein, et al. 2001). It’s an ethical obligation to ensure respect for patients and their autonomy. A mature minor Is one who can comprehend the risks and benefits of the proposed treatment and Is therefore able to give Informed consent for the care. According to Ben Weldon, adolescent have a certain degree of maturity, but there Is a concern that their judgments may not be as well considered. I think that their judgments should be considered because some of them have chronic conditions that often deteriorate over time.
Baking Soda Essay
They have experienced years of physical and psychological suffering, probably experienced depression. They fully understand their states of health. The question is how can the person who is an outsider making decisions for someone that has to live and endure the suffering?

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