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Published: 2021-09-13 08:30:08
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These gases trap radiation from sun and hold them from being released back into space. This causes rise in temperature at few places on earth. It is not much noticeable in western part of earth but in eastern parts like North Pole, Alaska and others slight increase in temperatures makes a huge difference. Scientists believe that if current situation continues many kinds of changes will take place which can be either beneficial or harmful for the living beings. Global Warming: Disadvantages Global warming can have more of the adverse effect. Some of them can be summarized in following points: Global warming melts the ice peaks which increase the level of sea. Increase in sea level greatly disturbs the marine life . Precipitation patterns changes turning lush green areas to dry lands Increase in sea level also results floods in low-lying areas and hence loss of life and property in large numbers Cause changes in weather patterns creating storms, super storms and raciness to appear. Global warming also gives rise to many types of allergies, asthma The continuous drying of forest leads them on fire which destroys natural resources greatly. Global Warming can bring about a severe change in atmosphere which could lead to loss of human and animal life and would also affect natural resources greatly. Global Warming: Advantages Although, Global Warming has more number of disadvantages it few of the advantages too. Some of them are: Lands of acute cold can now experience milder climate and some plant growth too. Since the temperatures in frozen zones will go down less consumption of energy will be required to warm them. The increase in growing season will also increase the productivity of the crop. Increase in floods will result in carrying large amount of silt to distant areas which will result in making barren lands at distant place productive. Huge amount of money which is spent on cleaning up of road blockage due to high snow fall will be saved. We are all entitled to our own opinion. Good, bad, it something that we take serious. Opinions are strong, and some opinions may sway others. But you and only you can tell yourself what to believe. There are always going to be changes in the world, and we have to be ready. Even if global warming itself is untrue, the effects and the condition of our world aren’t the best and that’s a fact. We can all do our part in keeping our world healthy and clean. Things as easy as recycling. Little things go a long way.
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