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Published: 2021-09-02 04:40:15
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I. Activities * Took initial patient history for consultation. Assessed client for check-up and measured vital signs and anthropometric data. Administered treatment on patients based on initial assessment and findings. * Gave proper referral to patients to their hospital of choice that needed a specialist physician for their case. * Assisted the midwife in the administration of vaccines under the Expanded Program on Immunization. Administered BCG, Penta, DPT, Hep B, OPV, AMV and MMR to babies based on their immunization schedule.
* Assisted the midwife during prenatal checkups. Gave proper health education to clients by giving them information on the prevention of pregnancy related illnesses. * Administered Tetanus Toxoid and skin testing for ATS to clients who just had lacerated wounds caused by accident. * Assisted the physician in the documentation of Medico-Legal cases. * Encoded disease surveillance data to PIDSR for recording. * Every week, we go on-site to assess patients for consultation and dispense medicines according to their individual case.
* Attended the Community Health Team seminar held at Velarde Health Center. II. Learning/Insight * This month, I was able to administer treatments based on my clinical judgment. I was able to administer vaccines under the Expanded Program on Immunization. I was also able to administer tetanus toxoid and skin testing for ATS on my own. I am glad that I am able to learn and practice on this side of nursing; and at the same time help clients on their health needs in our community. III. Issues/Concerns * Clients lack proper health education regarding self-medication.
They usually self-medicate by giving themselves antibiotics without prior consultation from a physician or from the health center. IV. Recommendation * Give clients proper education regarding antibiotics and its side effects. Explain to them that, what antibiotic works from before doesn’t necessarily mean that it would work on the client’s present illness; and that client may develop resistance to the drug if the certain antibiotic is taken regularly without change. JENEN L. VALERIO, R. N. LORENA I. CAMINO, R. N. , R. M. , M. P. H. Nurse Trainee Supervisor RONALDO I. CALINGASAN, M. D. City Health Officer.

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