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Published: 2021-09-05 17:45:13
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The paper includes four parts; describe each of levers I used and analyze the sequence why I chose, assess how effective I was as a change agent, what I learned about managing organizational change, and what is the improvement in the future. At the very beginning, did not know how to play that very well, after I saw the detail information of each lever, I was still a little confused. So I chose ” recognize an adopter” randomly. And then it showed failed. Was very disappointed, and I read introduction very carefully and saw the video again.
I realized there should be four stages; awareness stage, interest stage, trial stage and adoption stage. If everyone is in adoption stage, that means successes. So I arranged my levers logically again by reading the information of each levers. First, “Hold town hall meetings” lever brought 6 people who are Y. Lie, D. Mutant, L. Ores, S. Puffer, and l. Neuron into the awareness stage. After ‘Walk the talk” lever, which can increase the change agent’s credibility as well as positively influence coworkers, Y. Lie, I. Novo, S. Puffer entered the interest stage. And then I hold town hall meetings again, D.
McCann and L. Ores entered the interest stage. I need people to adopt the initiative, so I conduct private interviews, which can positively influence four individuals in a relatively short period of time to adopt the sustainability initiative. As a result, no body adopts it but there were five people entered the awareness stage, P. D’art, L. Filer, M. Shopping, L. Harris, B. Ingram. From the personal information of L. Harris, I got that she though that sustainability initiative may help strengthen the company’s marketing message for its products. So she is a potential adopter.
And then I issued e-mail notice to get M. Shopping and L. Harris in the interest stage. Second, so far, there were 7 people in the interest stage, which is still less than half of whole colleagues. So I conducted private interview and let W. James and R. Quinn to the awareness stage, and then provided internal skill building to tell people who want to adopt the change how to do it, after that B. Ingram and R. Quinn were in interest stage. Pilot project can influence an entire department to adopt the change, so I chose 3 people who are from three different departments to the project, so D.
Edge, L. Filter, W. James went to the interest stage. I did private interview again to put M. Bart, M. Roberto, p. Ascension and A. Thompson to the awareness stage. After that, only H. Adams and A. Chem. have not start to realize the new initiative. Third, “walk the talk” and ” get consultant’s support” levers made M. Aspirator L. Harris , W. James, D. McCann, L. Ores and R. Quinn to the trial stage, which means they started to do some effort with the new product. And at the same time, M. Roberto, A. Thompson, M.
Bart and P, ascension change their mind to the interest stage. Last. Ochs on the adoption stage, because most of the people had already in interest stage or trial stage. Used “Privately confront resister” , “Recognize adopter”, ” provide external skill- building’ lever one by one. All of those levers can positively influence people to adopt the sustainability initiative. L. Harris, M. Shopping, H. Adams M. Roberto and A. Thompson, they were in adoption stage so far. After that, used” Build a coalition of support’ but no one want to join.
Finally, ” Announce goals; deadlines” lever and “Revise reward system” helped me to got the rest of people except A. Chem. into the adoption stage. After I made the simulation done, think the efficiency of my assessment is not too high. First of all, my task is to bring to the adoption stage, but after it ends, there is still a person, who is not in adoption stage. What is more, did not analyze personal information too much when I making the decision. Sometimes, a person involved in a stage, and he or she has friends In other stage.
I can use “Build a coalition of support” lever to influence adoption of the sustainability initiative by three coalition members as well as his or her friends. Lastly, in my opinion, I used one lever more times than others. And some levers used but failed, which waste time for the new change. What I learned about managing organizational change Project management Project management is a relatively recent professional discipline. It initially developed out of the construction and defense industry’ s need to plan, control and manage large, complex series of activities to produce.
Bourne & Walker, 2005) The director of new change, he or she needs to know everyone in every department very well and have the ability to analyze the people who work with you in according to influence the project success. Identifying stakeholder is the basic and foundation for the future management. The better you know them well, the easier you control them in the future. Someone is positive but someone is conservative, and then the different attitude came out. Persuading people to change their minds is a very hard work. Sequence Sequence is very important to organization change. Strategy When a company wants to do organizational change.

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