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Published: 2021-09-10 13:40:08
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Essay on “Spook Country”
After the “Pattern Recognition”, which for many fans Gibson has appeared completely not what expected from the “Icon of cyberpunk” new his novel I opened with some fear – whether Gibson really got on track the mainstream and return to the “Neuromancer” style, which is so I would like, especially after the “Pattern Recognition” is not?
The fears were not unfounded. But while Gibson and hinted in an interview that the “Spook Country” will be a continuation of “Pattern Recognition”, the story and characters of these two novels is almost unrelated. The only common character – Hubert Bigend, demonic advertiser whose useless pathos, this time illustrated by the “Maybach”. In “Spook Country” assigned to him for the role of a flywheel at times smoothly slides with the main story line.
The connection of these novels, if I may say so, ideological. The planned “pattern recognition” policy of the mainstream in the “Spook Country” finally took shape. In fact, this text is a spy detective, who was involved in the prosecution of the artifact, which was chasing the characters of modern mass culture has at least half a century like. Stroke banal artefact even more banal, but the master’s hand hard, and Gibson was able to encrypt this artifact so qualitatively, that he surpassed even Tarantino – guess of what exactly chasing the heroes of the novel, it is possible only to a very roundabout
Spook Country Review

Heroes Gibson – a separate issue, and it’s the only thing he has not changed me in any “Pattern Recognition”, nor in “Spook Country”. As usual, all the actors – full and complete freaks, not in the sense of their inner world, or physical disability, but in the sense of belonging to the extremely marginalized social groups. Cuban mafia in the service of the former tsereushnika addict, specializing in Volapük, special agent of an unnamed special services, former members of the cult rock band, and a girl, last leader of the group, and in this – the main hunter artifact mentioned above – these allow images with a high degree of confidence to classify “Spook Country” to fiction. This heritage “Sprawl”, and this is what is best to cope Gibson.
Especially well he succeed the protagonists, and Hollis Henry from “Spook Country” is no exception. Genotype is clearly visible and smells samopovtor: Marley Krushkova of “zero score” – Cayce Pollard “Recognition …” – Hollis Henry. But, of course, is not samopovtor and just Gibson’s “ideal hero”, which again turned out he has a very attractive, with a minimum of means, such as allusions to the legendary past and scenes with enthusiastic in learning from former fans. The miracle of a main character in the fact that she seemed to distance themselves from the reality of the novel, and acts more on a whim, moving as if in illogical quest from an implicit hint to another, resulting in consistently find themselves in the right place at the right time.
in general, moving away from the idea of ​​cyberpunk, Gibson did not move from its intoxicating style, and apart from a strong story and amusing characters in the book there are a lot of interesting things. A lot of allusions to 9/11, of which I was finally clear how significant this event was for America, including in the cultural context. Strangely believable concept of “cold civil war” (you just think about the meaning of these words, creeps). Very ironic comparison of Canada, where he lives a writer, and the United States, where he was born. A new kind of fine art, Gibson derived by crossing the virtual reality technology, wireless networks and GPS-navigation. Another thing, and this warps fans of cyberpunk, all these notions are not in the “form of reality”, which the bulk was in the “Trilogy of cyberspace” and is enough in the “Trilogy of the bridge,” and in the field, if you will, “the crystallization of this” . Cyberpunk future anymore. It has become our present. And Gibson, if he were not a great science fiction writer, understood it long before all of us. Therefore, the steel had obtained a book such as “Spook Country.” – mainstream in shape, but still stunningly original in style and mood
And the amazing thing – usually the writer, not showing the creative growth, or at least creative dynamics, trampling on the novel of the novel in one place makes the reading public strong condemnation. Gibson, it seems to me, starting with the “Trilogy of the bridge” was forced to listen to endless whining fenskoe on “return to roots” and “true cyberpunk values.” Nevertheless, we fans – his way, the writer, especially good – his own, and started a “virtual light” Gibson on tarasobulbovskomu principle “I gave birth to you, I’ll kill you” each succeeding his novel drives another nail into kontrliteraturny coffin cyberpunk . “Spook Country” – nail explicitly control, after which the ghosts of the past will never already will not be disturbed nor Gibson, nor we with you
Read recommend all but the darkest cyberpunk, fixated on “Neuromancer”, which, by the way. this year for 24 years.

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