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Published: 2021-09-10 12:00:10
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Street Pharm Author: Allison Van Diepen Have you ever wondered what the life of a young drug-dealer is like? Well look no further, this is the book you have to read! This realistic-fiction novel is about a young man named Tyrone Johnson who is the local king pin in in his suburban New York neighbor- hood. What was Ty going to be when he grew up? Well he knew what his mother didn’t want him to be. A drug-dealer, free-wheeler, player, hater, a down- right dog! That’s what his father was, before he went to Jail. Ty gets kicked out of Sheeps-bay high and is transferred to a new school, Les Chancellor.
There he meets a beautiful girl named Alyse. He falls for her but she is a distraction to him and his work. He feels like he puts her in danger. But his emotions are so high he doesn’t know whether to leave everything and go with Alyse, or forget about her for good and move on. You must pick up a copy of this novel because is so breath-taking and full of excitement, yet it is full of thrilling and love scenes. Once you read you won’t be able to stop because it will have your attention and every detail will be pictured in your head.
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Also if you like reading about violence, drugs and teen related issues then his is the book for you. It has suspense full parts that leave you wanting for more. Another reason why you should read this great novel is because it has this realistic feeling to it you can actually feel the emotions being said in the novel it will touch you in an unexplainable way. Here are some good feed-backs for the author: “It takes place in a New York neighbor- hood. The main character Tyrone Johnson was known as the local drug-dealer. Ty is basically taking over the family business which his father started.
But Ty was smarter than his father, instead of waisting his oney on nice cars, hoes, and a pimped out crib. He rode the bus, was single, and lives with his mother” “l loved the detail she put into the book, it grabbed my attention the whole time”- Berenita Sandoval The novel has a very good detailed manner it immediately grabs the reader’s attention. Even though this isn’t your type of book then Just read the novel and see how it goes. Many people have read these types of novels and have fallen in love with the genre.
It creates this energy that when you read this book all the emotions, details, settings, and even the characters ctions make you believe someone is actually living this book/novel. The second reason why this novel should be read is because it would definitely interest a young readers mind, especially those living in the city or the “hood”. It would affect them directly or indirectly for those kids who are affected by drugs in their community. This novel could change some-ones way of thinking or changed their prospective on a subject about the book or in their personal life.
Here are, some negative feed-back for the author: “Decent. I don’t think so. It felt very forced to me. Like I knew the whole time the book was going to end the way it did. She made so obvious I didn’t even wanna finish the book. ” – Random citizen “This book was awful. How is a white lady from Canada think me! This was completely stereotypical and the language was ridiculous. This book was a huge waist of my time. ” – Judge-mental freak The negative criticism is mostly because the author was white. What if the ending was way off from what you thought!
Maybe if you would have finished the book then you could have experienced a different ending to the novel. Maybe the author miss-lead you when in reality she was covering up the ending the whole time and you were surprised it didn’t end your way. All authors have different minds ways of creating books/novels. If all them were the same then no one would read books because they all sound the same. Overall, this novel is one the best you’ll ever read because the way the author described some of the settings and the way she also give so much life to characters. It has given the book life.
Once you open this noel it will blow you far away into a trance that you’ll never escape. Van Diepen has given this novel her best because it’s her first ever published and with that energy to write a book it will give you an idea of she is made of. This is why you need to pick-up a copy of this novel today, because it is a novel many will read if they are given the chance. It will touch them in a way, which will give them a life lesson to hold on forever. Just by reading a simple ordinary novel with extremely awesome scenes! Film video: Street pharm 1st chapter: “What do you want to be when you grow up? That’s what most kids got asked. Not me. Mom always asked what I wasn’t going to be. And you know what she wanted me say- A drug-dealer, free-wheeler, player, hater, a down-right dog! That’s what my father was. When I came from school mom was on the couch watching Dr. Phil, as usual. “How was school baby? ” No way was I going to tell her that I got kicked out. Really ass-to-the-curb kicked out this time. Starting Monday I was supposed to show up at some alternative school. mfou working hard? ” mieah. ” Sweet clueless mom never noticed that I hadn’t carried a book since the ninth grade. There’s beef -patties in the oven. I checked the clock. 3:37 pm. She’d be getting up in about three, getting ready for fifteen, and out the door in twenty. When the commercial came on mom went to her room. I attacked the patties only stopping to add more ketchup. A few minutes later, she came back into the kitchen in her grocery store uniform, her name tag already pinned on like she was proud or something. mfou working tonight? ” she asked me I gave up my check for a kiss while guzzling o. J. , and she threw on her coat and ain’t worked there a day of my life- but the manager owed me.
He was one of my customers. Time to get down to brothers real bread-and-butter! I took out my cell and speed-dialed sonny. “Ty! What the fucks going on? Whyd you turn off your cell? ” “Mind your business. What’s going on? ” “l need your help son. Tonight we got us some deliveries. ” “Already got some. ” “Well, I got more for you. ” “Go on. ” I wrote the stuff on my palm pilot. “Hold up,” I said, “who’s this Schultz guy? ” “A new customer I met last week. Told him we was getting a shipment with the hottest shit this side of the bogota. He gonna drop 5 gs. “

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