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Published: 2021-09-04 18:55:14
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Introduction In the previous section of this service request system solution proposal, we cited Riordan Manufacturing current position in the global plastics manufacturing market as an existing world leader, that has every intent to maintain that namesake by continuing to develop its technology both o the production line as well as behind the scenes where it supports those individuals that work hard every day to keep Riordan Manufacturing in the upper echelon, elite class of global business that are providing for the world’s needs in mass quantities on a daily basis.
Riordan Manufacturing started out as a small, licensing Dr Riodan’s patents, but it has grown into a strong corporation that employs over 500 professionals in its offices located in Albany, Georgia, Pontiac Michigan, San Jose, California and it’s international office located in Hangzhou, China. The company’s growth over the last two decades and its resulting assets are considerable. For example, the companies assets are valued at over $1 billion.
After receiving a service request from Hugh McCauley, the corporate operations officer for Riordan Manufacturing, who expressed a desire to enhance the level of technology used at Riordan Manufacturing, wanted our company to analyze Riordan Manufacturing’s current human resources technology in-place in that department and consolidate the array of applications they currently use into a single, integrated system that will serve their functional needs and introduce their employees to the latest technology.
Our team understands Riordan Manufacturing’s need for new technology and their desire to expose their personnel to the latest, cutting-edge methods available to members of the human resources management environment, so that those same tools and methods may be exposed to their human resources personnel and exploited in every imaginable way to make Riordan Manufacturing more productive by giving their employees an enhanced sense of peace of mind by managing their employment-related issues more quickly, thoroughly and effectively through the implementation and subsequent application of cutting-edge technology.
Riordan Manufacturing is quite aware that keeping pace with the changes of the global marketplace and the increasing demands created by a growing population can only be realistically met by investing heavily in technology, not just in the manufacturing plants and on the assembly lines, but also in the areas of logistical support, such as the human resources department. Application Architecture
The current system being used in the human resources department of Riordan Manufacturing is marginally capable of handling the information management needs of the company. The first step in designing a completely new system is to upgrade the HRIS software they currently have installed. Recycling their current system will save considerable financial resources. As well, there will not be a need to purchase a completely new application, so training requirements will also be minimized.
We must also keep in mind during the design of the new information system, that per the service request, SR-rm-004, Riordan Manufacturing explicitly expressed the desire to keep their current application but wants to integrate everything into a consolidated, unified system, “… Analyze the HR system to integrate the existing variety of tools in use today into a single integrated application. …” (Riordan, 2011). Nonetheless, there will still be a need for some measure of training.
Since the current HRIS will be upgraded to the latest version it’s likely that there will be some issues with familiarity of the enhanced version of the HRIS application. Also, since there were various instances of data management being accomplished on separate computer systems using an assortment of different applications, such as Microsoft Excel, there is a fairly good chance that all of the capabilities of the HRIS application were not being utilized in the first place. Consequently, we expect a need for proficiency training for the current staff.
That training should cover both the basic functionality of HRIS as well as the advanced concepts in order to maximize Riordan Manufacturing’s investment in the human resources application. The architecture of the final solution system will be a single HRIS application that will provide specialized interfaces for several groups of users. There will be one type of interface configured especially for the Riordan Manufacturing human resources administrative staff working directly in that department.
There will be another interface designed for the Riordan Manufacturing employees that do not work in the human resources department. There will be an interface for the personnel working in Hangzhou and finally, there will be an interface for the off-site contractor handling the Workers’ Compensation claims and benefits. Despite the fact that all of the interfaces access the same database, the interface configuration for each group of users differs in terms of data accessibility and language support. The human resources administrative staff needs access to all of the records for each employee.
Additionally, the human resources staff needs to be able to store, manipulate and generate reports from the collateral data indirectly related to employment records, such as job classifications, policies and procedures, Equal Employment Opportunity data, personal employee files, promotions, benefits tracking and accounting data, organizational relationships and hierarchies, employee handbook data, specific communications, tax data and other various data types and classifications of data that bear some direct or indirect relationship to employment condition.
So, all employee-related information is kept in a single, consolidated database, which is accessible by the appropriate personnel or contractors. Furthermore, to describe the system architecture more specifically, read and write data access is dependent on the job title or business role of data requester. Security Controls There should exist two distinct security and control infrastructures. Norton AntiVirus 2011 will be installed on all systems company-wide. It has a proven track record of thorough, reliable virus protection, while minimizing the demand on system resources.
It was also selected by professional reviewers over all other market competitors, “… Reviewers say Norton Anti-Virus 2011 is the best antivirus software currently available. It gets top marks from experts, … a Gold award from AV-Comparatives. org… Norton … earns excellent marks for removing malware and spyware… is much less of a resource hog than it was in previous years. Installation is fast and easy, and the interface is easier to navigate. Experts… note little impact on system performance and say the software runs unobtrusively in the background without disrupting programs or applications… ConsumerSearch (2011) Process Design Instead of using seperate applications or paper forms (which can be damaged or lost), personal information will be entered directly into the database by the employees. the interfaces will be modified so that data types are monitored by the HRIS application to ensure that meaningless information is not entered in the database inadvertently. Also each user will be required to login to the system so the application know which interface to display on the users’ computer display.
The login identification control algorithm will interpret the classification of the user during login and the associated interface will control the language and the access rights of the user accordingly. So, for example, if an employee that normally works in China has temporarily been assigned to work in the Pontiac, Michigan office and needs to make an adjustment to his employee information because his wife gave birth while he was away, he could login to the HRIS system in Michigan and the interface would give him the appropriate data privileges and will display all of the information in Chinese.
The HRIS database will now act as the central repository for all human resources-related information and will consolidate data from all personnel in all offices throughout the corporation, including the contractors’ office that manages the Workers’ Compensation benefits. References Riordan Manufacturing, Service Request SR-rm-004, (2011). ttps://ecampus. phoenix. edu/secure/aapd/cist/VOP/Service%20Requests/RiordanSR/riordanSR004. htm ConsumerSearch (2011) http://www. consumersearch. com/antivirus-software Apollo Group. (2003, 2004, 2006). Riordan Manufacturing. Retrieved from https://ecampus. phoenix. edu/secure/aapd/cist/vop/Business/Riordan/RioMfgHome002. htm

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