Odd The Mops Wind Hidden Word Paper

Published: 2021-09-10 18:10:10
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It’s a very angry letter which sounds as if it needs forcing out. “The floor to mop” “The food to shop” “Then the chicken to fry” “I got company to feed” These could be said with so much rage that when she says the word, she spits it out because she struggles to say and she has too force it out. The anger causes her to spit out these words, its like she doesn’t want to do what she is doing anymore, she wants to rest from it and stop working. Stanza one is a completely different format to stanza two onwards. This is because stanza one has 14 lines, which every two lines rhyme. There are also no commas.
Whereas stanza two onwards are all quatrains which is a four lined stanza where line two rhymes with line four. This stanza also has all the punctuation needed, commas and full stops where required. From the second stanza she is so frustrated that she begins to beg nature to release her from this never ending circle she is trapped in. She wants to taste freedom. Feel the rain. “Rain on me, rain” She shouts that. She wants to feel the rain she wants to feel alive and get all the things the people who aren’t trapped in working the entire time feel. The release of happiness that you get from enjoying nature, she wants that.
Odd The Mops Wind Hidden Word
She craves for the dewdrops, which are water droplets condensed from the air, to drop on her brow to cool her down from the fast pace work she always has to do. “Fall softly, dewdrops And cool my brow again” She wants and needs to be cooled down. She wants the sun to glow down on her gently, a friendly glow that will comfort her and allow her to feel full of glee and feel alive. “Shine on me, sunshine. ” Repetition is used her, the word ‘Shine’ is repeated, this denotes how she wants some joy to shine into her life, she so do desperate for it that she repeats just so she knows that the sun can hear her.
She is begging the sun to shine on her so that she can be covered with a warm love. This whole stanza shows how she wants a cool down from all the work that she has been doing. It describes some of her deepest feelings, her deepest desires. This is to have a rest. Stanza three shows a much more aggressive side to her hidden emotions. It uses an illustration in this stanza. The illustration is of her floating in the air. To get this illustration you must read line three of stanza three where it says, “Let me float across the sky” This makes me think, why she would want to float across the sky?
Well, she is very stressed and needs to relax, and what is more relaxing than being able to watch the world go past you, as you would if you were in the air looking down. The aggressive side comes in the first two lines of stanza three. “Storm, blow me from here With your fiercest winds” This is quite violent; it shows how strongly she feels towards this subject. She is so bored and frustrated by this that is making her aggressive. She wants the wind to b low her away from the lifestyle she has. She wants it to remove her from her situation.
She is begging nature to do this for her because she cannot do it herself. She either doesn’t have the strength or it is not allowed in her culture. From this stanza we realise that all she wants is a rest. We know this because in line four it says “‘Til I can rest again” This tells us that she doesn’t want to leave what she is doing; she only wants to have a rest. Maybe a holiday or something. I will elaborate further on this ‘rest’ when I go on to talk about the next stanza. This stanza shows that she wants to get away from it for a rest so she is asking nature to move her out of her situation.
Stanza four shows a much calmer side to her desires, this is the opposite of the desires in the previous stanza, maybe she has more than one desire that she wants to fulfil. The south of the USA is very hot, so working as hard as this woman does would be very tiring. So this stanza seems to be appealing to cool her down, similar to the dewdrops in stanza two. I know that she is appealing to nature to cool her down because it says, “Fall gently, snowflakes Cover me with white” This shows that she wants to be cooled down by the snow. She wants to feel the cold on her cheek, in a hope to bring some joy now that she has cooled down.
With the amount of work that this woman does she will be very hot. Snow is cold and would be perfect when it comes to cooling her down. This stanza goes on further to say, “Cold icy kisses” This shows that she wants to be touched by the snow. To cool her down. The word cold is used in this line, which shows that she knows that it’s cold and will cool her down. She seems to hate being hot so she is begging nature to cool her down. The line that follows also suggests that the intense heat that she gets is preventing her from sleeping. I know this because it says, “Let me rest tonight” She just wants one nights rest.
There are so many things that are preventing her from sleeping. These are heat, working late and possibly the children keeping her awake. The lists of things that are keeping her awake are endless. She doesn’t enjoy it. The poor woman is exhausted and is struggling to go on especially with the amount of work she actually has to do. She is begging nature to help her have this one night’s rest that she so desires and needs. This stanza shows that she wants to cool down so that she can have at least one night sleep. The final stanza is different, it lists all the natural elements, and it says it like this, “Sun, rain, curving sky
Mountain, oceans, leaf and stone Star shine, mood glow” This shows that she is acknowledging all the things that she wants to help her through her situation. She hates being stuck in the repetitive life, where she doesn’t get any rest. Nobody likes that and nor does she. The last line of this stanza reads, “You’re all that I can call my own” This is really interesting, because how can you own an element. You can’t. I think this means all she has to hang on to, to own, is the support and motivation she gets off nature. She does this so that she can feel secure that one day she will get her life back and not be all alone.
The last four stanzas suggest that she is living in a fantasy. That when she was writing the poem she got lost in it and put all the correct punctuation in because that’s how she pictures it in her mind. The second poem we studied was called ‘Overheard in County Sligo’. This title immediately suggests that if it’s overheard then all the facts won’t be in there. It would be like a simple game of Chinese Whispers. The message changes every time it reaches somebody new, due to people forgetting things, or people mishearing things or people just changing things.
So this gives an immediate impression of an unclear, misleading and ambiguous poem. Like I did with ‘Woman Work’ I am going to write about plot of ‘Overheard in County Sligo’ in a nutshell. This is probably a conversation about between a woman and her friend, telling the friend about her life. It could also be a soliloquy which is A dramatic or literary form of discourse in which a character talks to herself or reveals his or her thoughts without addressing a listener, so she might have just been writing or saying her thoughts out loud.
So this woman married a man from County Roscommon, which is in Ireland along with County Sligo. She lives on the farm. She wants to feel happy for what she has but she thinks she could have achieved much more. I know that this woman lives in Ireland because Count Sligo and Count Roscommon are mentioned which are both in Ireland. She live at the back of beyond and married a man from Roscommon I know this because the poem says, “I married a man from County Roscommon and I live in the back and beyond” At the moment this means absolutely nothing.
It won’t mean anything until I elaborate further on the significance of the marriage later in the essay. The back and beyond, is a very secluded area, its very picturesque. This poem suggests that she lives on a farm, its suggests this by saying in line three and four of stanza one, “with a field of cows and a yard of hens and six white geese on the pond” This shows that she lives on a farm; there is no evidence in the poem that she does any work on the farm. It does not mention if she does or doesn’t. It may just be her husband that works on the farm and not her.
At this point she has not shown any evidence that she is not happy with her life, it just acts as a bit of background information on what is currently going on in her life. The first two lines of stanza two don’t give much away either, they just mention that outside the door is the corn, which can be harvested for food and money. Again there is no evidence in the poem that she does any work with the corn. The third and fourth lines are very interesting though. They read, “and the road runs down through the open gate and freedom’s there for the taking”.

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