Umberto Eco’s novel “The Mysterious Flame Of Queen Loana” Paper

Published: 2021-09-10 14:00:09
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Essay on “The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana”
Postmodernism clean water. So pure that even bacteria do not have)))
To take though required direction roll with other authors – there are not only woven into the fabric of the text, they are here – the text itself! This is justified by the plot – the hero reads a book of his childhood and gradually starts to recover lost memories
As for nadsyuzhetnyh associations with authors, here I will mention only those who are particularly struck me: Fowles ( “mantissa” – the beginning of a very similar – the same awakening in the hospital, the same memory loss, only Fowles this topic did not disclose), Proust (apparently by the flow of thoughts, while some little thing awakens “mysterious flame” memories ) and Kundera (strange hero :))
Mysterious Flame Of Queen Loana
it is a pity that it was not Eko ohozhe. Of course, the rejection of their own style, too, is in the spirit of postmodernism, but I wished that from eco have only the richness of vocabulary so book subjects ( “Name of the Rose” remembered)
In general, post-modernism in the “Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana “blooms so that drowns out all the charm and subtlety of the novel. The plot is like there, but it has no content. The composition is built, but not completed. Style rovnehonko so that does not catch the eye and reveal the author’s traits. What we have as a result? So that whether the novel was signed in the name of not Umberato Eco, he would have become the object of a caustic criticism: the idea is not worked out, talent, strength is not enough, the plot is stilted, the heroes of cardboard, and the author – zauchka, zaznayka and upstart trying to swim to the other people’s quotes.
but the time is Umberto Eco, then we say, “the Apotheosis of postmodernism”
I can well believe that the views of other readers can be very different, but personally I would have made this novel a little more alive and natural, would both storylines (and childhood and adulthood), would reduce the “attic” part and asked for b s author to deliver elegant, but a clear point at the end, which in the novel is not there. Yes, it would be a completely different affair, and postmodern sequined he would not have shone.
Instead, he would become one of my favorites!

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