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Published: 2021-09-10 14:05:10
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Essay on “The Tyrant White: A Novel: Translated from the Catalan.”
The fifteenth century, Cervantes has not yet led last line under the novel of chivalry, Spain has not yet freed from the Moors, and is far from unity, just fell a second Rome, against this background, the Catalan knight Joanot Martorell takes and creates its Tyrant, who comes from the same Brittany, where once It was the peace and Lancelot (climate whether situating there? or so authentic sound?). The “Tyrant” and historicism crept fair share of (Constantinople to the Turks really give Joanot Martorell is unwilling, that sends to its invincible hero, but again based on a true story). Let geography in tangles novel, so after all the 15th century, however, Constantinople, Africa, Turkey, England and other Barbary more or less in place. Kurtuaziya notorious sort of present, and the hero invincible, and classic series of mighty knights and beautiful maidens, led by the most that neither is beautiful (so not of this world, that just that then pass out), however, all this involved more and the level of grafted certain other sources (Boccaccio apparently to Catalan literature that period). And now, because of the cloak that same courtesy climbs to light almost primeval instincts, and ideal hero falls out of the combat system due to the far from dignified knight without fear and without reproach, and instead of the classic handkerchiefs used absolutely unexpected attentions, and the Knights with pierced neck behave then very quickly, and soon won a military victory with the help of savvy than pure heroism and comedy there, and satire, the inside of the novel itself. And a lot of all sorts of sources used, even Aristotle remembered, not to mention the Greek gods (even though we have to wait a little bit to the Renaissance). The ending is also quite original and rather atypical for the genre (possible analogy to spend with Achilles, and a love line with The Romans of Juliet, the fate of which is so hard to feel Tyrant, still finds it quite surprising and cowardly way).
It’s funny, but usually in a review on a movie based on the novel (it seems dubious artistic value) critics persistently noted as valued “Tyrant” Cervantes himself. Interestingly, this is based only on what is mentioned in the novel “Don Quixote”? “Tyrant” is more likely to develop other opportunity rebirth of romance: the transition from the ideal world to the real
Catalan Review

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