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Published: 2021-09-10 18:10:10
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Poets use a wide variety of tactics in order to try to express feelings or meaning in their poetry.A poem’s subject matter and theme often dictate which tactics are used by the poet to help enhance their audience’s experience. We Real Cool? displays the use of a wide variety of poetic devices in order to express its theme.In the short poem, Gwendolyn Brooks attempts to express the irony of certaincool? actions and decisions.The audience is tuned into many of the poet’s personal opinions inWe Real Cool? as Brooks tells the tale of a pool player’s lifestyle, and this lifestyle’s shortcomings.The theme ofWe Real Cool? is that although certain decisions may yield a moment of satisfaction, in the long run wisdom and longevity are what create a happy individual. This theme is meant to advise the poem’s audience, and warn that such a lifestyle will only end in early death.This theme is enhanced by Brooks? successful use of poetic devices throughout her poem.InWe Real Cool,? Gwendolyn Brooks uses a combination of pattern, rime, assonance, and alliteration to create a poem in which the theme echoes in the mind of its audience. With the use of such a sarcastic tone in her poemWe Real Cool,? Brooks enforces the poem’s theme using patterned repetition.This repetition makes it clear to the reader that Brooks is implying something opposite from what she is saying, and yields a poem with much more meaning and direction.Repetition is seen throughout the poem with,We real cool. We Left school.We Lurk late?.?(1,2)The pattern continues throughout the poem, each sentence beginning withWe? and containing three syllables.Each statement implies a situation of momentary satisfaction.This is apparent in the line,We real cool. We Left school.?(1,2) where Brooks describes the act of dropping out of school.Although dropping out may alleviate the subject’s immediate dislike for a structured schooling environment, it is clear to the audi…

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