What Does Health Mean to Me? Paper

Published: 2021-09-03 08:35:13
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Desmar Gomes Mr. Otto June 9, 2011 Health “What Does Health mean to me? ” According to google online dictionary health is defined as the “state of being free from illness or injury. ” This definition is correct to some extent but for me personally I feel as though health goes far beyond your body from a physical sense. The meaning of health to me extends far beyond the physical because I believe that being “healthy” is also a state of mind as well as a physical feeling.
Keeping oneself healthy is the cornerstone to successful living and although I feel that mental health comes first and foremost in being a healthy individual this does not mean that physical exercise and better life choices such as eating habits should be neglected. As an athlete making the simple choice between juice and water has lead to me being more hydrated and energized come time to participate in physical activity. Daily physical exercise also affects my mental health because knowing that I am physically fit and in shape gives me a confidence boost.
Health also expands to being spiritually healthy; being a Christian daily prayer is a major part of living a healthy lifestyle for me because it reassures me that I am mentally and physically equip to face life’s challenges. Often in times of illness or when I’m “unhealthy” I use prayer or spiritual healing as another form of recovery. Along with that confidence it gives me peace of mind knowing that I am mentally, spiritually and physically healthy. Depending on whom you ask the definition of “health” may vary but one constant in every definition will be happiness and that in my opinion is a direct result of being healthy.
What Does Health Mean to Me? What Does Health Mean to Me? What Does Health Mean to Me?

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