Profound Interest In Biology And Chemistry Paper

Published: 2021-09-12 08:50:09
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Personal Statement
I am currently a student at Mulberry School for Girls studying for my GCSEs. I have a profound interest for the sciences, in particular Biology and Chemistry. I joined Mulberry in January 2015, and it has been my only proper source of education that I had since I came to the UK as I previously lived in Italy. At first I had problems with language and speaking English but Mulberry helped me grow out of it with its exceptional community full of joyful and welcoming students and staff, therefore I think Mulberry would be suitable for me. Mulberry hasn’t only helped me academically, but it also helped personally resulting in me growing mentally as a person. I began to truly believe in myself. Mulberry has encouraged me to dream big and that is one of the best things about it.
For my A-Levels I would like to study Chemistry, Biology and Psychology as I have clear goals to study either medicine or psychology at university. I strongly believe that Mulberry Sixth Form is very suitable for me as I know that as a current Mulberry student I have been guaranteed with the same consistent care throughout my A-Level course period, this is a very big advantage. Furthermore I would like to experience the advanced Oxbridge mentoring and BMAT & UKCAT medical tutoring as it will support me through my University application.
I am multilingual as I can speak fluent Italian, English and Bengali, and I am currently studying Spanish (GCSE). In Year 9 (SUMMER EXAMS 2017) I sat my first GCSE which was Italian GCSE and I achieved an A*, I was very pleased with my attainment. I enjoy working independently, but I can also work effectively in a group; I have developed this skill at my work placement as I had to work along other colleagues and help them throughout the day.
In year 10 I was invited by the Science Department to take part in a project called STEM project, this concluded in going to Accenture, a global management consulting company where a group of ‘STEMETTES’ and people from Accenture were helping us create an app; I had to do this with another student from another school and that meant meeting a new person and therefore I developed my communication skills and really bonded with her. We ended up making a very successful app that we were both proud of. I believe I’m very able in the social category; I’m a very positive and open minded individual who always strives to do the best but also a person that tries to keep everyone around her very happy. I’m also quite talkative which results in being able to make a lot of new friends and I love meeting new people.

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