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Published: 2021-09-12 15:10:10
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“Automatic Wireless Health Monitoring System”

Submitted by
Chauhan Aasma Abdulbhai (160643109001)
Khatri Harisahmad Iqbalhusen (160643109006)
Rathod Junedbhai Pratapsinh (160643109027)
Saiyed Mohibali Vazidali (160643109031)
In fulfillment for the award of the degree
Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad
(year 2018-19)
This is to certify that PMMS report submitted alongwith the canvas sheet entitled “AUTOMATIC WIRELESS HEALTH MONITORING SYSTEM” has been carried out by Chauhan Aasma, Khatri Harisahmad, Rathod Juned and Saiyed Mohibali under my guidance in practical fulfillment for 8th semester Electrical Enginnerng of GTU, Ahmedabad during academic year 2018-19. These students have successfully completed PMMS activity under my guidance.
Internal Guide Head of department
(Mr.Pritesh patel) (Mr. Yatin Patel)
We hereby take the opportunity to express our deep sense of gratitude to Mr.pritesh patel electrical engineering department for his kind support and timely guidance given to us for reaching our destination with perfection. We are thankful to him for his suggestion and ideas to make this project even better.
We are very much thankful to Mr.yatin Patel Head of Department, who permitted us to work on the topic and extended his kind support and help for the same. The enthusiasm shown by him in our project proved to be a great source of inspiration.
We are also thankful to all the teaching and non-teaching staff members and friends who helped us directly and indirectly for the successful completion of this work.
2.2 Intelligent wireless mobile patient monitoring system
Nowadays, Heart-related diseases are on the rise. Cardiac arrest is quoted as the major contributor to the sudden and unexpected death rate in the modern stress filled lifestyle around the globe. A system that warns the person about the onset of the disease earlier automatically will be a boon to the society. This is achievable by deploying advances in wireless technology to the existing patient monitoring system. This paper proposes the development of a module that provides mobility to the doctor and the patient, by adopting a simple and popular technique, detecting the abnormalities in the bio signal of the patient in advance and sending an SMS alert to the doctor through Global System for Mobile(GSM) thereby taking suitable precautionary measures thus reducing the critical level of the patient. Worldwide surveys conducted by World Health Organization (WHO) have confirmed that the heart-related diseases are on the rise. Many of the cardiac-related problems are attributed to the modern lifestyles, food habits, obesity, smoking, tobacco chewing and lack of physical exercises etc. The post-operative patients can develop complications once they are discharged from the hospital. In some patients, the cardiac problems may reoccur, when they start doing their routine work.
Chapter 3 – Existing System
3.1 Existing System
In the existing system, we use active network technology to network various sensors to a single PMS. Patients’ various critical parameters are continuously monitored via single PMS and reported to the Doctors or Nurses in attendance for timely response in case of critical situations. The sensors are attached to the body of the patients without causing any discomfort to them. In this PMS we monitor the important physical parameters like body temperature, ECG, heart beat rate and blood pressure using the sensors which are readily available. Thus, the analog values that are sensed by the different sensors are then given to a microcontroller attached to it. The microcontroller processes these analog signal values of health parameters separately and converts it to digital values using ADC converter.
Now, the digitalized values from more than one microcontroller are sent to the Central PMS. Each of the sensors attached microcontroller with a transceiver will act as a module which has its own unique ID. Each module transmits the data wirelessly to the gateway attached to the PC of the Central PMS. The gateway is attached to the PC i.e. Central PMS which is situated in the medical center, is capable for selecting different patient IDs and allowing the gateway to receive different physical parameter values the patient specified by the ID.
The software designed using Graphical User Interface (GUI) can operate on different physical parameters of each patient, consecutively with a specified time interval for each patient.
In case of a critical situation which requires the immediate attention of the doctors or nurses for any of the patients, the custom software will instruct the Central PMS to enable the GSM modem to send an SMS with the patient ID. A voice call is also made to the doctors and the staffs of the hospital. The SMS also consists of a status of the patient’s physical condition. With the help of the patient ID, the doctor can easily identify and attend to the patient situation.
Chapter 4 – Proposed System
The main objective is to design a Patient Monitoring System with two-way communication i.e. not only the patient’s data will be sent to the doctor through SMS and email on emergencies, but also the doctor can send required suggestions to the patient or guardians through SMS or Call or Emails. And Patient or guardian can able to track patient’s location at any point in time through Google Maps which would enable to send medical services in case of an emergency for non-bed ridden patients.
4.1 Block Diagram
The block diagram represents the entire system in one diagram with every component of the system included and the whole process with which the system works and all about concept in single diagram.
Each block represents the component of the system
• Iot
• Power supply
• Wifi module
• Arduino mega
• Temperature and humidity sensor
• Blood pressure sensor
(Block diagram of system )
(fig no:- 1.4 block diagram of arduino uno)
The main objective is to design a Patient Monitoring System with two-way communication i.e. not only the patient’s data will be sent to the doctor through SMS and email on emergencies, but also the doctor can send required suggestions to the patient or guardians through SMS or Call or Emails. And Patient or guardian can able to track patient’s location at any point in time through Google Maps which would enable to send medical services in case of an emergency for non-bed ridden patients.
4.2 Circuit Diagram
Actual circuit
(Actual hardware circuitry )
( Hardware )
It represents the actual hardware regarding the project. All the components are connected to it in a way to measure wireless monitoring of physical parameter of biological aspects like blood pressure ,ECG ,pulses ,room temperature and humidity and let it transfer through IOT based website which is by log up into website.
Chapter 5 – Sensors and Modules
Proposed system consists of following sensors and modules
5.1. Arduino Mega Micro Controller
5.2. ECG Sensor
5.3. GSM/GPRS Module
5.4. Temperature sensor
5.5. Humidity Sensor
5.6. Blood Pressure sensor
5.7. Air Quality sensor
5.8. IOT
?8.1 Arduino Micro controller Init
// Courtousy of Thingspeak and github repository.
dht DHT;
#define DHT11_PIN 5
const int Air_pin = A0;
String voice;
unsigned int Cnt;
int Systolic=0,Diastolic=0,Pulse=0,Air=0;
String apiKey = “8I7XT9LUHZUZNLMZ”; // replace with your channel’s thingspeak WRITE API key J0HKWDP9IATER3QB
String ssid=”juned”; // Wifi network SSID
String password =”123456789″; // Wifi network password
boolean DEBUG=true;
void setup() {
DEBUG=true; // enable debug serial
digitalWrite(8,HIGH); //Relay Channel Supply
Serial1.println(“AT+CWMODE=1”); // set esp8266 as client
Serial1.println(“AT+CWJAP=”+ssid+””,”+password+””); // set your home router SSID and password
if (DEBUG) Serial.println(“Setup completed”);
//======================================================================== showResponce
void showResponse(int waitTime){
long t=millis();
char c;
while (t+waitTime>millis()){
if (Serial1.available()){;
if (DEBUG) Serial.print(c);
boolean thingSpeakWrite(float value1, float value2, int value3, int value4,int value5,int value6){
String cmd = “AT+CIPSTART=”TCP”,”; // TCP connection
cmd += “”; //
cmd += “”,80″;
if (DEBUG) Serial.println(cmd);
if (DEBUG) Serial.println(“AT+CIPSTART error”);
return false;
String getStr = “GET /update?api_key=”; // prepare GET string
getStr += apiKey;
getStr +=”&field1=”;
getStr += String(value1);
getStr +=”&field2=”;
getStr += String(value2);
getStr +=”&field3=”;
getStr += String(value3);
getStr +=”&field4=”;
getStr += String(value4);
getStr +=”&field5=”;
getStr += String(value5);
getStr +=”&field6=”;
getStr += String(value6);
// …
getStr += “rnrn”;
// send data length
cmd = “AT+CIPSEND=”;
cmd += String(getStr.length());
if (DEBUG) Serial.println(cmd);
if (DEBUG) Serial.print(getStr);
// alert user
if (DEBUG) Serial.println(“AT+CIPCLOSE”);
return false;
return true;
//================================================================================ setup
// ====================================================================== loop
void loop() {
int chk = DHT.read11(DHT11_PIN);
if (isnan(DHT.temperature) || isnan(DHT.humidity)) {
if (DEBUG) Serial.println(“Failed to read from DHT”);
else {
if (DEBUG) Serial.println(“Temp=”+String(DHT.temperature)+” *C”);
if (DEBUG) Serial.println(“Humidity=”+String(DHT.humidity)+” %”);
Serial.print(“Air Qality=”);Serial.print(Air);Serial.println(“%”);
thingSpeakWrite(DHT.temperature,DHT.humidity,Systolic,Diastolic,Pulse,Air); // Write values to thingspeak
Air = analogRead(Air_pin);
for(Cnt=0;Cnt 0)
Systolic = ((voice[1]-‘0’)*100) + ((voice[2]-‘0’)*10) +(voice[3]-‘0’);
Diastolic = ((voice[6]-‘0’)*100) + ((voice[7]-‘0’)*10) +(voice[8]-‘0’);
Pulse = ((voice[11]-‘0’)*100) + ((voice[12]-‘0’)*10) +(voice[13]-‘0’);

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