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Published: 2021-09-01 20:40:13
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Task 1 (LO1 and LO4)
It is one of the most common and biggest things which are requiring for the care staff or professional need to update them with the rapid change of caring issues in the health and social care study of learning area. So it is sometimes depends on new policy or laws are introduce and some other governmental initiatives also guide this for contemporary sector while the new initiatives are applied in hospital, clinics, nursing home, old care homes, etc. by doctor, or any other heath care professional. So this thing should be explained under this consideration of personal and professional development unit in later on statements.
This is a study of wellbeing and caring the client about satisfaction of providing health care support according to the entire health and social care values, norms, laws and legislation which is mainly focusing on personal values and principles of caring staff. Otherwise we can see the negative outcome from the given caring support to the client. Let’s clarify it by the situation of any mistake is happen by the care staff which can lead the client life to death. So from the professionalism point of view, it have to be evaluated by the personal values and showing respect to clients religious or belief practices, basic health and hygiene practices, equality practices, no discrimination views, standard caring support, etc. must need to show while we are doing caring practices. In the result of this can also satisfy the personal caring values unit and organized practice of principles among the caring trends. So the personal values and principles are weighing up by the professional services which are given under careful attention of client satisfaction as well legislative compliances too. This way we can see doctor or nurse sometimes they forgot their own lives as they put caring tendency in the heart of their service providing. We take the example of mother Teresa who dedicated the entire life for supporting for the patients.
It is openly known that personal traits and experience in life show big impact on our activities. Like different professional people have their own personal attitudes and even we widely followed the rules in where we belong to and possesses some characteristics or we inherited some of the attitudes through our past life in where we growing up. Such of this consideration can be taken by the example of health care practitioner while he/she is doing their health care practices by showing their strength on the client belief, views, and equal respect just under the professional behaviour which can establish the client confidentiality, ensure their safety and wellbeing, guard against any harm. Sometimes cultural factor can lead the service to different way if it is done on partiality basis. So only for these sorts of practice can create discrimination, racism and any other biasness. This way personal cultural and experiences can be very influential to tackle these sorts of situation.
As a caring professional staff of worker sometimes do need to change their caring practices according to new law implementation or any new invention of caring. Let’s say about what happen to patient who is not capable to move from bed to chair before invention of hoisting tool. This type of job used to depend on shifting and lifting manual handling which was not a safety task at all. So after inventing any kind of new tool, technology, study skills, etceteras must need to know and thereby sharpen the personal and even organizational performance by application of new skills and knowledge. Suppose if we take the example of data protection act 1998 which is now converted and balanced with the similarity new GDPR GENRAL DATA PROTECTION ACT 018 under the European legislatives guidance. So it is not only indicate any new invention of technology (electronic logbook) but any new introduction of skills, knowledge and research need great attention for developing can be attributed to person or organization.
LO4 (personal contribution, limitation of works, team work roles and personal contribution in united work)
Naturally every single individual has an inclination to do best for his own success, but under joint work or working with other may differ from that. Legitimately it requires doing highest effort to achieve maximum of the providing support to health care client by any company and that is why they take or appointed best worker for the best interest policy. As I am really keen to do caring job so I try to do my best in practical to make the service users happy at my best. So my attention should be in following ways-
• Try to maintain development myself by practicing innovative and entrepreneur roles
• My behavioural support to team members, colleagues and company should be under managerial guidelines and obligations
• Try to maintain good piece of working under following the entire health care values and morality
• Try to be time keeping and commitment to well-being of the client
• Try to enhance my creativity and critical thinking for new formulation
So it is basically I will try to be keep active, participative, innovative, cautious of any task is performed which could follow the organisational interest in where organisation can make assurance control on my activity. Under overall consideration of personal development will support the organisational aims and wellbeing of the client which also be a part of personal contribution toward team spirit.
In practical place of serving our duties may passing through some restriction and limit our work to go further level. Here are giving some of the concepts about the limitation of job roles and performances in organisational and personal limitations under working practically.
Those are as follows by-
• Keep confidentiality all the time but while I go to client for doing personal care which could sometimes make me very ashamed. As part of the company policies I need to follow the confidentiality rules as highest level as possible.
• By considering social and health care point of view I need to respect all client beliefs, tradition, personal choices, and no discrimination under equality rights which can reflect my work.
• At the point of caring service it may need to work as a group, team member and sometimes own initiatives,
• When it needs to work under team role playing may need to enhance my trust and promising working tendency within a team.
So from the overall perspective of my job roles will be in accordance with the personal achievement as well as with organisational context which has already implemented procedures by following the entire caring and wellbeing of the health care client.
There is sometime great concern put us or our task into question like there may be unity or partnership job need to be successful in where personal roles also need to be rectify accordingly team work demand. Essentially for the combined work for organisation have to be under effective role playing of partnership working condition which can develop our joint effort in a fruitful ending. Some of these things can be explained on base of leadership, communication, interpersonal interactions and motivational source of my job performing.
A good leadership skill can make every caring staff effort effective to achieve or using every individual qualities, knowledge’s, visions, etc. is there to sharp the caring service in better way. So distributing work in proper way for the entire professional worker can maximise the efficiency to reach the ultimate target and in where I can contribute using my skills, knowledge and experiences for displaying my best roles in the team.
Simultaneously, communicative chain among the entire professional people may also represent my roles according to specified communication policies and different motivational session which can already arranged or will be arrange in future may help me to work in this barrier reducing for communication gap.
Barriers are always determine our job roles on what basis have to handle it and I must engage myself within team for whole context of achieving goals and individually I could take further study to seek solution personal skills gap. Additionally I will take the advantage from senior staff which is advices, instructions, practical experiences gathering, etc.
I always keen to contribute on my job segment by doing best things as much as I can accordingly my capacity and abilities. As a team member I can do my best practices by the vision of team rules, team spirit and organisational set up. And if I take part in more team work I get more confident for the success of my activity. So individual performances and their working effort must need to follow ideal way under the team must rely on collective goals, good leadership and managerial skills. Whenever I met so many team members I can achieve or gain more advices, formulas, ideas, concepts of different skills from the other staff and senior staff of the similar professional group of people.
Intentionally I try to do best which can give me some confident and my motto of working in caring health side is depend on to serving client with dedication by follows of the entire health care study skills, knowledge and experiences and furthermore I am seeking to learn new things always as much as I can within my surroundings.
LO3 (professional relationship, evaluation for supporting rights of individual, resolve encountered situation,)
While we are working in our place of working practices, obviously we need to interact with various professional or non-professional individual in practice of our service providing to client. Suppose I am working in TDC care ltd presently in where I come across with my colleagues, manger, senior care staff in company and we all are following company rules and policies, legislative guidelines for practicing care service and thereby carrying out our duties by following existing guidelines, legislatives. But importantly we need to bear all caring values, morals, ethics and team working roles as well and additionally while we are performing the caring in client home in where we meet with their family members, friends who are non professional group of people. So as health care staff we come across doctor, nurses, sometime ambulances servicing groups, police for emergency situation, etc. in where we need to act on caring values of principles at all time possible.
Similarly we need to work as a team spirit of organizational achievement, as co-worker, assistant worker under the proper standard maintaining of policies, regulations and legislative implantation of responsibilities and role players.
Whenever it comes to support the rights of any client, it must need to assess the caring effort which may define the caring services is by how much satisfactorily maximise the feelings of comfort for client choices. So it definitely requires good quality of caring service to healthcare individual, and any other client especially in heath care it may need to apply the entire caring rules, policies, code of conduct, standardisation of legislative implementation show us the quality of professional support to any individuals.
So there are some important things need to consider for evaluating this by personally and organisational achievement while we take a consideration of personal thing which may demonstrate the personal quality of care service to client and which can also achieve by the feedback system from client. Organisational thing depends on managerial capacity of effective operation or smooth running toward to gain client satisfy. So from my point of view it can say that personal development and professional evaluation may have to be a major part between care staff and organisational thematic achievement on basis of good connection and communication within the staffs and managerial accuracy.
When we undertake our professional works in the organisation in where we must also go through some situation which may divert our route or may need to solve this immediately by keeping our commitments to works and maintaining sustainability for the long run objectivity. It may raise the situation like dilemma, conflicts between staff, with clients, egoism, group ego within team, etc. need to resolve as quickly as possible.
So how we can get rid of this kind of scenario that may be given by following ways-
• Working under accurate and strict policies, principles, which may be supported by the management.
• Support the staff on ethical values promoting by arrangement of special session
• Unite all stakeholder wellbeing so that it may contain their interest
• Division of whistle blower mechanism to address any of such situation
• Apply best ways for keeping touch with each other like regular meeting, inspiration; give those new ideas, training etc.
• Establish team spirit or unity working goal
• Removing the barrier by giving frequent emailing, writing to all staff
• Meet all staff needs; listen all according to existing organizational policies.
• Assess the effectiveness regularly
After doing above all this and also some contemporary issues will be taken into account for resolving encountered situation. Sometimes personal qualifications, experiences, skills, trainings can easily solve any emergency matter and similarly united effort also can play a great role for any emergency scene. So collective vision and individual training, regular motivational programmes, new ideas implementations, etc need to update accordingly to timely context.

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