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Published: 2021-09-06 15:25:23
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Range Facility Management Support System

SGT, Horner, Timothy, A
Engineer Advance Leader Course
2 February 2019
Range Facility Management Support System
The Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS) is an online integrated system that allows a unit to manage and schedule ranges and training areas. RFMSS is utilized at the company leave to reserve Range and Training Areas (RTA) for the platoon and company to secure time at the RTA without the company or platoon running into scheduling issues with other units. RFMSS is extremely useful for the Army. It allows units to check the availability scheduling and reserve RTA up to 180 days out from the training day. “A technique to be able to reserve a heavily utilized range is to have your land NCO place a hold on the range you are looking to use”. (Raymond Miller 2017)
RFMSS is an internet-based system that uses Internet Explorer and Microsoft Windows Server. The server is based out of Fort Belvoir, VA. The system is used to schedule and reserve ranges and training areas for units without a unit representative having to schedule the range in person, which in turn will save time. Two of the main goals of this system is to save time on scheduling and avoid two units being booked for the same range or training area at the same time.
The RFMSS requires users to have a user ID and password that is approved by the system functional administrator. Once a user/customer is approved, the system will allow the user to login and check availability of RTA at their duty station and across all US Army, Navy, and Marine Corp installations. When a user would like to book a range or training area, the user would need to log into the REMSS website using their user ID and password. When logged into the site, the user will proceed to the scheduling menu to schedule the range or training area that the unit or platoon requests. Once the request is submitted, the RC scheduler will approve the request. The user/customer can request a range or training area up to a 180 day before the unit/platoons training.
The Range Facility Management Support System was designed to be used to schedule range and training areas across the US Army, Navy, and Marine Corp installations around the world. This system has helped units reserve and schedule ranges and training areas that will not conflict with other units that may be trying to use the same range or training area. This allows the Army to be more effective with time management and training management. RFMSS has helped the Army become more efficient at training its units.
Within RFMSS there are three types of users. There is the System user, the Range Control user, and the Customer user. Each user role functions within a different part of the system. The first system user role is the Functional Administrator. The Functional Administrator manages user account requests and sets up all site information. The second user role is the Range Control user. The Range Control user consists of the Range Control Scheduler, the Safety Officer, the Environment Officer, the Logistics Officer, and the Fire Desk Operator. The third user is the Customer user. The Customer users are organizations or people within an organization who use the services and facilities of a range or training area, units to include units in a chain of command, and read only users.
The request processing for RFMSS is held at the activity level, so what that means is that each activity on the request is given its own status. The three statuses are canceled, approved, and disapproved. In order to check activates, a user needs to click the Activity Count link. For a user to get an account, a new user must submit a user account request. In order to do this, the user must first log onto the RFMSS website. According to the website, the Department of Defense security requirements do not allow group accounts or for individuals to share accounts. Once on the website, the user needs to select Request New Account on the main page. The user page will open, and from here you will have the ability to select your role. Once you select your role you will need to fill out all of the required information. The system administrator has the authority to approve or decline a new user account request.
Once a user account has been obtained and a user logs in, he/she will find that the website is set up for grid display for easy viewing. The grid can be adjusted to show only data that the user would like to see. Each user has the ability to rearrange columns, hide columns, filter column data, sort column data and wrap text. In addition, if while scheduling there are any conflicts, they will show up color coded on the two-week calendar, the request form, and the request processing page. The conflicts are colored in orange, red, green, pink, and yellow. Orange is for scheduling & safety, red is for safety conflicts, green is for environmental conflicts, pink is for safety warnings, and yellow is for scheduling conflicts.
There is a Range Bulletin in place that allows schedulers to view, save, and print the listings of the reservations and their time periods. The Range Bulletin also allows for remarks to be added for requests by unit. There is also a Communication Log Sheet that is used by the fire desk operator to keep track of all activities for that particularly documented day. By manually logging the reservations it keeps the fire desk operator notified of all planned activities in case of a system failure or a power outage and avoids any sort of conflicts regarding schedules and reservations.
Each of these steps plays an active role in keeping the Range Facility Management Support System working smoothly and effectively. RFMSS is a tool that is highly beneficial to the Army, and all military branches in order to efficiently train without any conflicts in scheduling.
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