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Published: 2021-09-10 12:35:09
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Title: Reflective Essay
Student’s Name: Christina H
Student ID: JM1701604
Sometimes and different points of life, human beings find life to be either hard or good. In the face of challenges, the individual affected can begin to curse the life he or she lives. This is due to the misfortunes which only seems to hunt this individual and not the people around them. For instance, in the face of a loss which can be sometimes very painful (Haugen & Musser, 2014). In this paper, I am going to focus on the theme of loss and connect it from A Farwell to Arms novel.
Sometimes back, I got a shock when news of the death of one of my greatest friends was announced to me. This made me sick almost for a week and I stayed in my bedroom before another heartbreaking news about my grandma’s sudden demise, who I had depended on since childhood as she used to support me financially which helped me pay for my school dues was announced to me by my mother. Just like Fredrick who had a series of loss, from losing the battle, to losing his job and now he loses his beloved wife and their newly born baby during birth I was in a world I could not explain (Hemingway, 2014). Loss can make one weak and afraid of almost everything around. Fredrick lost his freedom and was always on the run for fear of being arrested for escaping from the trial. He had lost his freedom and could not live at peace with himself. I too at the face of my loss could not afford to walk around and enjoy with my friends and families as I thought that this kind of loss was directed to me.
However, I got to learn something from my situation. I learned that even in the face of loss life will go on and one should be strong enough to accept the situation and lead a normal life. A loss is irreversible and just as the way Fredrick could do nothing but accept it, I learned to accept and cope with the situation. I also learned that there are many ways of recovering from a loss lie, for instance, talking to people you trust about the loss and getting the appropriate advice that would help you find alternatives of getting over the loss (Haugen & Musser, 2014).
In the face of loss, we should always be hopeful or recovering. Just as Fredrick was hopeful that he would be reunited with his wife who was a nurse, we should always be optimistic of recovering from any situation (Kringer, 2013). In this life we live in, we should never avoid challenges but rather stand up and fight against them and we would eventually win and overcome them.

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