Service to Others Is the Rent You Pay for Your Room Here on Earth Paper

Published: 2021-09-02 07:30:11
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In the words of Muhammad Ali “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” Dental Public Health is a part in the dentistry field where they’re involved in with the prevention of oral disease and promotion of oral health. But with DPH fixes the fact that certain people cannot afford dental care in general. In this paper you’ll get an idea of how prisons, veterans, a people who go to community health centers obtain dental care.
According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics 7 million Americans are supervised in correctional facilities. 4.8 million are on parole or probation. Which is roughly 1% of adults in the US (Kaeble,2015). Inmates from all over demographic varies. Many come from less fortunate environments and end up in prison. Unmet dental care needs is common. The incarcerated population is seen as invisible, who are still people who have the right to health care, which makes this a problematic situation. Even though they aren’t assured decent care they only have the right to receive low bar medical needs. (Rosenfeld,2016). A study done in North Carolina is that match based on age and race they had higher dental disease popularity versus their counterparts. Which is understandable due to the demographic. Even though it’s seen as “normal” to have other prisons to experience better quality of care there is no one to really monitor inmates oral health (Makrides, 2017).
Which brings the point to veterans, VA dental care is for qualifying veterans. Who seem to be the lost souls left behind. Depending on you military services and/or current health and living situation. And for those who cannot get potentially free dental care they have CHAMPVA which is a program for dependent Veterans (Weiner,2015). According to a study done in 2010 a study to break the misconception of the VA overall or the fact that some veterans have disabilities. 41 out of 100 people felt their oral health care varied from poor to fair. The obvious factors based on sex, race, age etc. Were mixed with negative oral health perceptions. 6 months of the factors of living situations, smoking, or no dental visits. (Bernheim, 2015). The dentistry field needs to find a way to assist veterans with disabilities to improve not only their dental health but that also includes skills in working and in clinical education.
Community health care facilities provide teaching programs for people who don’t have the abilities to afford otherwise. Such as in dentistry they share ways to help with preventative dentistry and epidemiology which asses dental care quality, helping understand the public policy issues in dentistry, and providing students with clinical and health promotion experiences. Due to the changes that happen in dentistry in the Oral Health Status Index they cover many topics in the community centers. In recent research they deliver health care, health literacy, self perceived oral care and oral disease prevention methods (Crall).
The Dental Public Health system has attempted to help those less fortunate whether it’s in prisons, trying to help the veterans and the overall community health facilities. DPH has been known as the “the science and the art of preventing and controlling disease and promoting dental health through organized community efforts.” All the change that they have made so far maybe there can be more.

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