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Published: 2021-09-12 12:05:06
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smart baby care system mini project report submitted to indian institute of information technology dharwad of the degree of bachelor of technology in electronic communication engineering by suraj durgesht 16ec06 under the supervision of dr. udit satija [image: dept. of electronic communication engineering indian institute of information technology dharwad may 15 2019 page 2 [bookmark: _bookmark0]declaration i certify that a the work contained in this report has been done by me under the guidance of our supervisor. b the work has not been submitted to any other institute for any degree or diploma. c i have conformed to the norms and guidelines given in the ethical code of conduct of the institute. d whenever i have used materials data theoretical analysis and text from other sources i have given due credit to them by citing them in the text of the thesis and giving their details in the references. further i have taken permission from the copyright owners of the sources whenever necessary. date: may 15 2019 place: hubli ii acknowledgements i wish to thank dr. udit satija for his kind support and valuable guidance. i am really thankful to him for taking out the time to guide us in the project in spite of his very busy schedule. the project benefited a lot from his in-valuable guidance. without his support this report would not have been possible. suraj durgesht 16ec06 3th year discipline of electronic communication engineering iiit dharwad abstract this little venture of sixth semester shows a smart baby care system for guardians/infant care focus/clinic to take legitimate consideration and well-being of their children. as we are very well acquainted with trouble looked by parents to support their infant/newborn child and particularly on the off chance that if both the parents are in employment. to give 24h of time in such cases is unimaginable. this framework can identify the child’s movement rest and sound particularly crying yield of infant’s present position can be shown on android application so the mother/another mindful individual can watch the infant while far from that person. subsequently we have to create something one of a kind that can help parents to have a constant observation/watch on the baby/infant and can advise about the equivalent. this child care framework is fit for recognizing movement and crying state of the infant consequently. the arduino is utilized to make the all-out control arrangement of the equipment condenser mic is utilized to distinguish infant’s crying accelerometer movement sensor is joined to identify child’s development. android application is utilized to have yield of dozing child. at long last we have concocted a plan to structure a smart baby care utilizing iot which will assist the parents with monitoring their youngster regardless of whether they are far from home and distinguish each action of the baby from any inaccessible corner of the world. contents index no. abstract 3 acknowledgements 2 contents 4 list of figures 5 introduction 6 literature survey 6 objective 7 methodology 8 bibliography 15 [bookmark: _bookmark5] list of figures fig. 1. square diagram of the proposed system fig. 2. equipment arrangement of the proposed system fig. 4. arduino interfacing with the framework fig. 5. stream graph of baby care framework result investigation [bookmark: _bookmark9]introduction a framework has been created which will mind an infant/new born child. this will check whether the child is rest or not has he/she crying or made the bed wet. contingent on the reaction comparing yield will be created to illuminate the mother through android application. it will be a surprisingly positive turn of events for each parent who can undoubtedly leave their youngster in the support with no strain. continuous reaction of this framework will be a help to them. it is utilizing ldr accelerometer and sound sensors. this is a multipurpose framework to screen a child while resting. this comprises of a power sensor a wet sensor and a cry indicator to check the different exercises of the infant while dozing. the power sensor distinguishes whether the child has woken up from the bed and cautions us by ringing a bell if the infant is conscious. wet sensor distinguishes whether the infant has passed pee and alarms by lighting the drove. the last stable sensor distinguishes the call of the infant and plays music until the infant quits crying. objective: design and development of a smart baby care system dependent on arduino and sensors. literature survey: [bookmark: _bookmark10]a child checking framework is presented in [1] by soukaina bangui mohammed el kihal and yassine salih-alj. this framework is proposed to give an improved commotion dropping framework to conquer the sound contamination so as to make children’s rooms increasingly agreeable. another methodology of a programmed checking framework for infant’s consideration has been displayed in another paper [2] which is a microcontroller-based task. the creators have structured an ease child observing framework which can recognize sound when an infant cry and is appended to a support which swings consequently once the framework identifies a sound and the support does not stop until the infant quits crying. a camera is additionally mounted on the highest point of the support to get the video yield of the surroundings of the child. another infant observing framework has been displayed by savita p. patil manisha r. mhetre dependent on gsm arrange [4]. this framework can screen body temperature dampness beat rate and development of a child and convey the got information to the guardians utilizing the benefit of gsm organize. in any case this framework is constrained by a microcontroller while raspberry pi is utilized for controlling motivation behind the framework that has been displayed in this paper. prof. kranti dive prof. gitanjali kulkarni have introduced a paper [5] on structuring of a framework for checking newborn children dependent on the inserted framework. it comprises of entryway sensor ldr based light sensor and voice identification module for carrying out the responsibility of checking newborn children. the yield of the sensors is shown through leds and a caution is appended to the framework to give an alarm. to counteract sudden infant death syndrome of an infant ziganshin e. g. numerov m. a. vygolov s. a. have proposed an infant checking framework utilizing ultra-wideband uwb innovation [6]. this framework is grown principally with a reason for analysis of obstructive resting issue of children which is known as rest apnea. methodology: figure 1 demonstrates the working strategy for the proposed infant care framework. arduino will be utilized here as the central controlling unit. the arduino is a minimal effort mastercard estimated microcontroller which can give information when connected to a screen. this present model’s 1 b-type usb ports are accessible just as it has 32 gpio general purpose input/output pins. [image: c:userssurajdesktop1.png] fig. 1. block diagram of the proposed system condenser mic will be related with this undertaking to recognize the infant crying and gives a sign about it to the arduino. this framework will likewise comprise of an accelerometer movement sensor to detect the child’s development. the framework likewise contains an android application and a signal as appeared in equipment game plan of figure 2. when the condenser mic will identify any stable it will convey a sign to the arduino arduino will enable the bluetooth to turn on and the data got from the sensor will be sent to the controlling unit. arduino will at that point procedure the information and send it to the android application to show group. in the meantime it will actuate the warning and thusly notice will give a caution. something very similar will happen when the accelerometer sensor will recognize any development of the child. in this way the framework will caution the concerned guardians about their children’s condition by means of both an alert and the video yield of the infants’ current circumstance. [image: fig. 2. hardware arrangement of the proposed system circuit design: [image: fig. 4. arduino interfacing with the system figure 3 demonstrates the circuit outline of an infant care framework which includes arduino ldr sensor condenser mic lm393 bluetooth and android application. the arduino board contains 28 gpio pins 2 ground pins and 2 control sticks as appeared in fig 4. circuit operation: the accelerometer sensor detects movement and constantly used to identify human development inside foreordained range. at first the accelerometer sensor detects the child movement and after that the data is gone through the a0 number gpio stick of arduino. the gpio is utilized as a yield. at the point when there is no movement identified the gpio is set low and the warning gives no alert. in the event that the accelerometer movement sensor distinguishes the child movement it yields creates a 5-volt sign to the arduino through its gpio and the android gives a caution. so also the condenser mic gets sound sign from child and changes them into electrical sign. the sign is gone through a2 number gpio stick. on the off chance that the infant is crying the gpio is set high and the android application gives the caution. on the off chance that the child is dozing the gpio is set low and the warning stays quiet. arduino appears with two top notch connectors ready. the outline of the infant observing framework is shown in figure 4. software development: c language is a programming language which has been connected to arrange arduino. so as to make qualified arduino utilizes sensor library documents of sensor have been introduced into the framework. figure 5 demonstrates the flowchart of a working technique for the child care framework.[image: c:userssurajdesktop2.png] fig. 5. flow chart of baby care system in the wake of dumping code when arduino will be fueled up it will introduce the c content. the general-purpose input/yield gpio port will at that point initiate to work. the small-scale controller will filter the gpio states. on the off chance that any crying voice is identified the arduino will send a sign to android application by means of bluetooth and it will be turned on. thus arduino will gather the data with respect to the child’s condition from the ldr sensor and after that send the data to the application show. at the same time the data will be conveyed to the notice to give the crisis sound. same thing will happen when the accelerometer sensor will distinguish any movement the input will be conveyed to the application show alongside the warning to be actuated. furthermore if no stable or movement will be distinguished the application show and warning will remain turn off and the framework will go again for filtering the gpio states as indicated by the program. result analysis: the test aftereffect of the child observing framework can be acquired by two different ways. one route is by utilizing condenser mic and another path is by utilizing accelerometer movement sensor. the yield of condenser mic has been appeared in figure 7. since the child is dozing there has been no crying voice identified by mic condenser and that is the reason there is no yield. since the infant is wakeful from dozing and begins to cry condenser mic gets an info signal from infant and sends it to the arduino. arduino gets a functioning high sign which implies infant is crying. at that point arduino chose to initiate bluetooth module and application. the dynamic high state of mic condenser yield. since a yield has been found from the information; it implies there has a functioning high condition. the presentation demonstrates that child crying. since there has no development found of infant position the accelerometer movement sensor does not get any info. [image: [image: [image: [image: [image: [image: [image: [bookmark: _bookmark13]bibliography [1]. s. brangui m. el kihal and y. salih-alj an enhanced noise cancelling system for a comprehensive monitoring and control of baby environments 2015 international conference on electrical and information technologies iceit pp. 404-409 2015. [2]. r. palaskar s. pandey a. telang a. wagh and r. kagalkar an automatic monitoring and swing the baby cradle for infant care international journal of advanced research in computer and communication engineering vol. 4 no. 12 pp. 187-189 2015. [3] difference between raspberry pi and arduino hardware fun 2016. [online]. available: [4] s. patil and m. mhetre intelligent baby monitoring system itsi transactions on electrical and electronics engineering vol. 2 no. 1 pp. 11-16 2014. [5] p. dive and p. kulkarni design of embedded device for incubator for the monitoring of infants international journal of advanced research in computer science and software engineering vol. 3 no. 11 pp. 541- 546 2013. [6] e. ziganshin m. numerov and s. vygolov uwb baby monitor 2010 5th international confernce on ultrawideband and ultrashort impulse signals pp. 159-161 2010. 5

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