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Published: 2021-09-10 12:15:09
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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Pages 3 – 47
60 m
Reading for TAP(text, audience, purpose) entry #1
The Fault in Our Stars is a nonfiction novel is written novel. After perusing the book, I do agree that it fits the conventions of a nonfiction book because it depicts a tragic love story between two young love birds. Even though the events that were orchestrated might sometimes be too unrealistic, for example they were able to afford an extravagant trip to Amsterdam(Holland) even though they were just students. However, I feel that the feelings and experiences they went through are really telling of how a love life is, which is normally not a smooth ride. In addition to that, it really shows me that in a relationship, it takes two hands to clap.
In my opinion, I feel that the book is suitable for everyone. However, if I were to narrow down a few target audience that book is meant for, I would say that young adolescents and adults in their early twenties would greatly enjoy this book. It is because in the book, the author used a lot of elements that young adults would find interesting such as mellow love scenarios and the book cover has pictures of beautiful and handsome main characters. Some of them might consider this their love bible.
The quote “Without pain, we couldn’t know joy.” by John Green really means a lot to me. It tells me that life is not always a smooth sailing boat. Success does not come effortlessly or without hardship, they have learned to make their wishes into reality, rather than waiting around praying for their wishes to be granted by God, or others. They have learned what the true meaning of life is. “It is to fight death to live. The dead want to live for a while longer, but does his wish come true? Sure is not. Life is not fair, maybe that’s why the world is not a licensing factory. The world wants us to work for our wishes, so when we receive them, it’s because we earn them. And if we don’t get them eventually, then I guess that means other people deserve it. Therefore, we must try our best to achieve everything and not just expect it to happen. You see life very short, you live now or never because the world is not a desirable license factory.
Another purpose of this novel is that it tells us that love is not always what fairytale depicts them to be. There are two love stories in this novel, one of the main characters and the second is of their supportive parents. I feel that, going through hardships and difficulties together as a couple really strengthens the bonds of one’s relationship. We can also learn from their parents actions how to be a loving and supportive pillar of support for their children. Not only that, it provides a different perspective of couples around the world because the way Vietnamese couples act are polar opposite of the actions of the couples in the novel.
Citation:Green, John. The Fault in Ours Star, n.d. Web. 21 Sep. 2019.
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Pages 3 – 47
60 m
Reading for Vocabulary-entry #2
Unknown word
Guessed meaning
New sentence with word
Some other language meaning beside English
A fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a heroine
There’s supposed to be an action to reveals the protagonist’s hamartia
Like the word ‘design’, which mean make something
To think fit with one’s dignity
My brother will not deign to answer that boring task.
To make something that is new
Carefully assess, set, or adjust (something abstract).
They mentally calibrate the results.
To exist to be survive
Of or relating to existence.
The tasks are existential .
Angry or annoy
Affected by great anxiety or stress.
My mom has made a hobby of emotional farewells and fraught departures.
A negative meaning (dis)
A kind of food
I like dishevel
A kind of sickness
Deformity in the shape or size of a specified part of the body.
She is of dysmorphic appearance
A noun for music (ft=feat)
Lacking something, especially a nonmaterial assets.
A bereft man stands near the rubble of the market, crushed by a car.
A noun word that relate to fashion
Jack, as his sobriquet implies, is a giant of a man.
A negative meaning (in)
Lacking flavor.
The pictures text is mostly insipid .
A kind of drink
The Roman festival of Bacchus.
I wish I could go to the festival of Bacchus
A negative meaning (mis)
An inaccurate name or designation.
The title of the novel is a bit of a misnomer .
Something to do with your blood vessels
The language or dialect spoken by the ordinary people in a particular country or region.
The tour guide is talking in the vernacular ,but that is what happens.
An adjective that describe the subject emotion
Feeling that often offensive sexual desire.
‘I know an awesome thing to do’, she said lasciviously.
Maybe it is a food
A small group of people with shared interests, especially one that is exclusive of other people.
She has virtually become a prisoner of the coterie around her!
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Pages 3 – 47
60 m
Reading for detail(scan) #3
“I’d rather spend a year reading 25 great books, than going over 100 magazines without really understanding them.”said from a famous scientist. In life, there are many things that need to be slow and careful such as enjoying art paintings, reading good books, walking in a beautiful garden, even slow to destroy an exploding bomb! It is just like with the novel ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, if we read it slowly, we will notice the deep details hidden inside that make us never forget it. From chapter one to chapter three, there are some important details that it is important to continue the next chapter or even easy to catch up if you are lost, here are the fifteen bullets:
Hazel Grace Lancaster starts her adventure by cogent us that her mother thinks she’s depressed. Because of Hazel’s depression, her parents force her to go a weekly support group(Support Association for the patients themselves administration and auspicious advantageous the abutting austere reaper.) with the doctor agree.
In Hazel’s point of appearance the abutment group’s association is tasteless and boring. She is alone actuality not just because of her abasement but as well her thyroid blight and mets in her lungs at the age of 16.
The abutment accumulation is led by a sole developed name Patrick, he is acclaimed for his amore and absolute optimism. As an aftereffect of blight Patrick absent both of his testicles, which provides some of the added contemptuous accumulation associates with a bit of banana relief.
Isaac introduces himself to the accumulation and says that he has to get eye anaplasty in a brace weeks and will be absolutely blind, but that he’s animated he has his adherent and his friend, Augustus. Isaac is the alone acquaintance Hazel has in the abutment group.
The hot boy in the group, who name is Augustus eventually introduces himself and says that he is seventeen and had some osteosarcoma a year and a bisected in the past.
Later on, Augustus makes his way over to Hazel and starts a able conversation.They babble alfresco for a bit bit with Isaac, who goes off to accomplish out with his ample adherent Monica, who he wants to beam for so continued as achievable beforehand than he loses his sight.
Hazel tells Augustus the complete abject adventure about her ataxia and how anybody angle that she angry into traveling to die till she took Phalanxifor, which anhydrous her tumors. She already got her GED, which impresses Augustus a bit.
Upon advancing into Augustus’s home, she notices an arresting accord of alarming agreement sewn assimilate doubtful things—they’re Encouragements.
She meets Augustus’s mother and father, too. Augustus wants to watch a blur with Hazel central the bedimmed basement, but his parents say no way. so they snatch the cine from the basement and again move back to the active allowance to watch.
They get to apperceive anniversary added a bit, the accepted chitter babble about ancestors and hobbies.
It comes out that Hazel loves An Imperial Affliction and is about evangelical about it.
Augustus gives her a book that’s hardly beneath literary: The Price of Dawn.
Hazel’s mother wakes her up and informs her that it’s HER HALF BIRTHDAY. So Hazel calls up her acquaintance Kaitlyn and they accede to amuse at the mall.
the accepted boyish activities of shoe affairs and chit babble occur, about Hazel decides not to say about Augustus
A little babe approach Hazel and asks her what her cannula (her oxygen tank) is, and Hazel we could her try it.
Those are all the details ,which need to pay attention to. Knowing all the details also mean that knowing three out of five of chapter one to chapter three story.

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