To Put an End to the Case Without Knowing Something Bigger Has Yet to Come the White Night. Paper

Published: 2021-09-03 10:20:13
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A man was killed and the other was accidentally shot making him involve in a crime whether he like it or not. Two cops, first time to work together, have to put an end to the case without knowing something bigger has yet to come the White Night.
The plot was usual a drug syndicate, police war against it, a dirty cop covering bad guys, death etc. In stories like this authors have to reinvent, present things in a new way making it look like it wasn’t been heard before. I would say J.J. Holt made a good effort on putting all the elements together to have a different attack.
At first I can’t see the significance of Michael’s character because he cannot certainly identify anyone. The only thing that he knows was there was a cop and he had a bullet inside his body. For me, it was like he has a separate, unconnected story for prolongation. But he was a catalyst and his existence is necessary to give a crack on the case.
What I really like was how imperfect the main characters are. They were not the typical popular, role model cops. They both gone through an unpleasant event (inside their profession) making them feel less inside but not outside.
Connors have lots of issues making it easy to understand the way she is – relationship not doing well, trying to prove she was still useful at work, being criticized, pressured and frustrated. These situations seem, at once, familiar to everyone because that’s how colorful life is. But taking it to Connors’s character, she was brave to say when things are over, owning up her mistakes and knows when to give up. She doesn’t want to be seen vulnerable and affected with all the mockery. An independent woman I can somehow relate with.
Ross is my favorite, I can see depth in his character. He’s smart and determined, plus a bonus of being rich and goodlooking. Though he has an unusual condition it doesn’t make him weak or unlikable as a protagonist. Usually, a police must have a strong and healthy mind but Ross’ case bend it. It is something new to me as a reader of a crime fiction book, as the characters do not have the same distress. The root of his suffering wasn’t explained further which I am looking forward to see on the next book.
The wholeness of Ross character is lacking but understandable, as the book was more focused on Connors. It made him more mysterious and something to look for.
I see the romance was being built on the main characters but for me it is very little and every time I am waiting for it to bloom. Well I understand that the author is forming the love affair slowly, as both characters have things to settle. Though as partners, they were able to connect and understand each others limitations. This comment is more of personal preference. I know not all reader consider it lackness but I’m hoping to see more of this on the next book.
For readers experiencing rejection, criticisms and anxiety disorder, this will be relatable, engaging and encouraging. The characterization makes them seem real and easy to connect with. In real life, we can experience something unpleasant and may be harmed on our job whether we like it or not. But as the characters portray, no matter how hard their position were, still they fought for what they love, their passion and the negative surroundings doesn’t stop them from doing what they do. They chose it and certain on their purpose.
I am excited on the next book to see how Connors and Ross grow together and prove people are wrong. I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. Not perfect 4 because as I have mentioned the plot was not really unique. Not 2 because it has a good element of mystery, confusion, depth and all chapters are in action.

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