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Published: 2021-09-12 13:45:10
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Unit 14 – Event Driven Programming
Key features:
Event driven programming provide to both of the service oriented and time driven pattern for clarity and easy for development.
Service oriented:
Service oriented is a program that contribute to write programs that made for services. If a user’s try to minimize an application the user need to click top right minimize (-) symbol to hide the application or such as if a user tries to close an application the user can go top right cross symbol and click the symbol to close the application and this how something has requested is carried out.
Time driven:
Time driven is event driven programming that helps to clearness. And time driven work like a time trigger for example an update for an iPhone it’s going to happen inform you to update, you can choose a different time and date its will update automatically by itself.
Event handlers:
In a program if a key on the keyboard have been pressed and that will show the result and deal with the program what to show in the display. Also, its allow a program to do the code and carryout the occurs.
Trigger functions:
Trigger function when and what code should run, the trigger function is used for when the event take place and when should the code run. Trigger functions have been applied to most of the applications so they can take place when the application need to update.
Events (Mouse, keyboard and user interface)
For event to a program to take action the user need to trigger such as mouse by clicking right button and left button its take action on the computer and its will do what the code have been assigned for. Also, in a keyboard clicking certain key or holding key will take action on the computer and its will happen when the code has been allocating to do something.
HTML object:
HTML tag clarify a fix object in HTML document. This element is used for images, videos, audios and PDF to show in web page. HTML its sand for Hyper Text Mark-up Language, this language used for creating Webpage on the internet viewable and document for world wide.
During user registration, the registration form need to be filled up by user information such as his email, name, Phone number, addressed and credit card etcetera. The form take information from the user who registered after that that will present in on behind the application such as ASP or PHP script etc.
In a form user interface components are group together such as text boxes, buttons, labels, check boxes and others.
User interface:
Event loops:
Event loop is a cycle that continually look for to happen an event for as an example a user using an application for long time, he clicking on the screen and the data are downloading. The event loop is circling and manage those events one by one.
Programmer have control over where and how the code run. When a user does something the event exactly knows what the program will answer, besides the

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